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Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world

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breadandbutterfly · 30/10/2011 10:11

Actually, less conspiracy theory than he title sounds. Interesting read:

OP posts:
claig · 30/10/2011 10:43

'One thing won't chime with some of the protesters' claims: the super-entity is unlikely to be the intentional result of a conspiracy to rule the world. "Such structures are common in nature," says Sugihara.'

That's alright then. It's all natural, nothing can be done.

glasnost · 30/10/2011 10:54

This is misleading as it's not a capitalist network that runs the world - it's a capitalist economic system. The anomaly of a relatively few dominating the others is a natural consequence of this system. This article can be lumped in with the reformist prop that's currently being circulated.

feirless · 13/11/2011 01:54

if you do some research on the rothschilds and the rockerfellers and find out how they got so wealthy in the first place, that's a good conspiracy theory right there!
look into the cia, (all their wierd mind control experiments) and fit it all together and you have the best conspiracy ever imo.



cpl of more links if anyone is interested:

i do like a good conspiracy theory myself :)

feirless · 13/11/2011 01:55

i'm new....figured the urls would be clickable, you're gonna have to copy and paste, sorry!

Solopower · 13/11/2011 14:40

Thanks, Feirless!

The thing is, it mightn't matter that a capitalist network rules the world - if they did a good job of it! But as the article says, the problem with this system is that it is unstable. We'd noticed.

And it's got to be unstable, hasn't it, for some companies to do well while others go under. Laws of the jungle.

So by supporting a political party, we are in effect empowering one or several of these global companies.

Imagine if we abolished the political parties and nation states, and we could chose instead to join one of these 'most interconnected' companies. We let them run the world and we get rich if they do well. If they do badly, we leave and join a company that can pay us more. That would be a democracy of sorts - ordinary individuals would probably have more power than we have at the moment ...

claig · 13/11/2011 15:12

'Imagine if we abolished the political parties and nation states'

But that is what the elites want, the global warming, global governance, global economy, globalisation elites.

The technocrats are just a small example of not bothering with left and right, with poliitical parties and politicial difference. It's not really democracy, and there will be very little choice.

Solopower · 13/11/2011 15:19

Yes. I'm not advocating it - it fills me with horror!

But I am trying to see what all this will look like in 5 or 10 years' time. The main thing is these shadowy 'elites' need to make sure they don't cause too much hardship for ordinary people, because when people have nothing to lose things can get very dangerous.

claig · 13/11/2011 15:23

I think they impose communist or fascist dictatorships if they have to control people. They want to impose austerity and carry out reforms.

claig · 13/11/2011 15:24

The elite are not capitalist, sometimes they choose to be communists.

claig · 13/11/2011 15:28

Most of the time they call themselves "progressive".

Solopower · 13/11/2011 15:31

Austerity for some, Claig. I'm not sure people will be prepared to put up with the hardship imposed if they see a rich technocracy living off the fat of the land.

Maybe technocrats are the new aristocrats ...

I'm not sure anyone will need to impose a dictatorship, whether communist or fascist. All you have to do to control people is control the means of production, the sources of food, fuel and wealth. Sainsbury's does that. Or Tesco. Sad

claig · 13/11/2011 15:33

Yes, you may be right.

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