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Why the Tories are bastards

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breadandbutterfly · 02/10/2011 13:06

Came across this today whilst researching something else - may explain a lot why George Osborne just doesn't 'get' the problems with his ideas - may also explain some of the attitudes of some of our fellow posters. :)

OP posts:
breadandbutterfly · 02/10/2011 19:31

And let's face it - if you get on in politics, the wages are hardly middling. Not like Blair's done too badly out of it, is it? I think the expenses scandal showed a lot of inferior people are in politics precisely for venal reasons. Rich (duck houses etc) as well as poor.

OP posts:
CogitoErgoSometimes · 02/10/2011 19:44

So if you accept that there is no monopoly on personal integrity or honesty and that, regardless of background, wealth and political leanings, anyone is capable of behaving as well or as badly as anyone else... then the 'why Tories are bastards' was something of a facetious and inaccurate statement.

PeachyWhoCannotType · 02/10/2011 20:14

I did miss the date but mainly was replying to another poster and actually trying to be nice across the board so cut the nasty sarcasm please

niceguy2 · 02/10/2011 20:15

I've said it before, I actually don't think Cameron & Osbourne do truly understand the plight of the average family. I truly don't. Otherwise they wouldn't have come up with the stupid CB cut or the charging to use the CSA.

But then look at the alternative at the time. Five more years of Gordon Brown??? No thanks. Now Red Ed? Oh please!

The last PM to truly understand your average family was Tony Blair. Like him or loathe him, his Tonyness understood that most people just wanted to be given the opportunities and the space to succeed. And that if/when they get there, they don't want to be taxed into oblivion.

PeachyWhoCannotType · 02/10/2011 20:23

Niceguy I doubt I will say this again Wink but I probably agree.

I suspect that GB had good intentions, forgetting the tantrums etc I can see a lot of me in him and I am built of good intentions- I am no PM though. I am about as non media as can be, I know this, a charm free zone in fact. I suspect that was the case with him.

TB did a lot that made my life easier to succeed in. I appreciate it.

And whilst I don;t believe that rick automatically means no clue I absolutely don't think GO and DC have any clue at all: you can be rich and get out there and care, or you can be rich and get into select social group and not give a flying damn. I personally believe they re the latter. Iraq did for him though. Probably fairly although years on even with hindsight I am not sure what the right call was- leave Saddam in power or stay away, probably stay away but doubt that would be without consequence.

I don't think Ed stands a chance at election, even though I am one who voted him in. I know who I hope will follow in his path, but we shall see.

niceguy2 · 02/10/2011 21:56

I think GB's heart was in the right place and overall is an honourable man. But he just didn't have the skills needed to be a good PM. I think he was most effective as a do-er, not a leader. A PM needs to be able to lead, build consensus and put people at ease. None of those skills came naturally to him. I first noticed the lack of leadership skills when he used to disappear every time Tony had to deliver bad news but was always there when there was good news.

Whilst as a politician he may have seen this as a shrewd move, it shows his character and when he couldn't avoid it when he was PM, it was plain to see he was incredibly uncomfortable.

ttosca · 02/10/2011 23:55

This is another example of why the Tories are bastards:

David Cameron would allow minimum wage to die out

David Cameron would allow the minimum wage to "melt away" if he became PM, senior Tories have disclosed.

The national set rate for adults was raised by 3.8 per cent from £5.52 to £5.73 an hour on October 1 - the ninth increase since Labour introduced the measure in April 1998 to help millions of people on low wages.

But the Tory leader believes the rate cannot be allowed to continue to rise annually in line with the rate of inflation. Mr Cameron will not scrap the minimum wage, as he's aware such a move would infuriate unions, low-paid workers and politicians.

A senior Tory source revealed: "It would be foolish to continue hiking up the minimum hourly rate by the rate of inflation every year. We need to find ways of helping British business to remain competitive.

"The minimum wage won't be scrapped but it will be allowed to wither on the vine. A series of smaller, more affordable increases will mean it will just melt away."

Labour MPs fear a Tory-led government will be able to engineer "tiny" increases to the hourly rate by changing the personnel on the Low Pay Commission - the body which oversees the increases.

Advertisement - article continues below »

Cabinet Office minister Tom Watson said last night: "The Tories would allow the minimum wage to die out, condemning thousands of workers to a life on poverty pay."

Another Government source said: "There's no doubt that Cameron and his multi-millionaire pals in the City are no friends of the minimum wage. It will just dwindle away under the Tories."

Since the minimum wage was introduced in 1998, it has increased by 59.2 per cent, compared with a rise of just 44.2 per cent in average earnings. Despite grim warnings from the Tories, it has not led to any significant job losses.

Revenue and Customs officials enforce the hourly rate and bosses can be fined up to £5,000 per offence for breaking the rules.

David Cameron won't sack his embattled party chairman Caroline Spelman. The Tory leader will delay a decision on her fate until a sleaze probe is over, Tory sources said. Ms Spelman is facing allegations she used taxpayers-funded parliamentary allowances to pay for her nanny.

ttosca · 02/10/2011 23:57

The minimum wage did not result in an increase in unemployment when it was enacted, despite the scaremongering of the Tory shits and the CBI.

Every civilised country on the planet has a minimum wage. These people are barbarians.

They complain about 'the workshy' and then wonder why people aren't motivated to find work at £5 per hour.

Utter scum. Vile, vile, vile nasty Tory scum.

adamschic · 03/10/2011 00:18

CB affects everyday families does it? ROFL. Also the reason they have decided to charge for use of the CSA is because the government are no longer taking the money and actually giving it to LP's instead.

I think that politics are personal and might have a bearing on where you start in life but not in an obvious way. I find people who lean towards the left to be more intelligent and look towards the bigger picture compared to the right wingers who seem to be in if for themselves.

You don't need to be or ever have been poor to have empathy.

crazynanna · 03/10/2011 00:20

Right whose fucking upset ttosca? Come on own up Grin

It's enough to make your head fella

claig · 03/10/2011 00:25

'Right whose fucking upset ttosca? Come on own up'

Are you sure ttosca has been upset? I haven't noticed any change.

adamschic · 03/10/2011 00:25

Minimum wage has risen to just over £6.08 an hour from yesterday. It's not enough and should, imo, be double that. Imagine if they get rid of it.

Anyone with children cannot manage on the minmum wage so the government have to top it up to a decent amount. This enables employers to boost their profits.

crazynanna · 03/10/2011 00:28

No Claig...he sounds real pissed off to me tonight.

The bastards.

DioneTheDiabolist · 03/10/2011 00:29

One of my worries about the current government is: How many of them attended Boarding School from primary age? Is it proportionate to the population of the country at large?

If not, then they are deficient in knowing what matters to citizens and representing the needs of the populace.

claig · 03/10/2011 00:31

'No Claig...he sounds real pissed off to me tonight.'

Exactly, so no change there.

crazynanna · 03/10/2011 00:33

What can I say...the man's a bag of passion.

ttosca · 03/10/2011 00:34

lol. I'm maddddd... and I'm not gonna take it anymore!

claig · 03/10/2011 00:34

That's one way of putting it.

crazynanna · 03/10/2011 00:36

You frigging tell 'em mate! The fuckers' Smile

ttosca · 03/10/2011 00:42
CogitoErgoSometimes · 03/10/2011 06:34

Pay Commisssion Report April 2011 is cautiously positive about the minimum wage and compliments the coalition on keeping the LPC in place, but this paragraph about its negative impact on the employment prospects of young people is interesting

^The research we commissioned for this report continued to show
that, in general, the minimum wage has affected earnings but has had no robust or statistically significantly adverse effects on employment.^ However, it did find some evidence to suggest that young people may have been adversely affected by the minimum wage.

breadandbutterfly · 03/10/2011 10:22

@adamschic :

"CB affects everyday families does it? ROFL. "

Eh? Why are you ROFL at families who won't be able to afford essentials if the cuts are introduced? Why is that amusing?

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crazynanna · 03/10/2011 10:26 your comments on Minimum wage
Check this out....

David Cameron would allow minimum wage to die out -

crazynanna · 03/10/2011 10:26

David Cameron would allow minimum wage to die out -

crazynanna · 03/10/2011 10:28
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