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Malema and ANC

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Indaba · 02/09/2011 23:07

So, Julius Malema, President of ANC Youth League is in middle of his second disciplinery hearing in 18 months with ANC because "he has brought ANC into disrepute " Are these charges trumped up or should he be suspended. Discuss? (anyone.....sorry, this may be a bit specialised! )

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CogitoErgoSometimes · 03/09/2011 06:28

No working knowledge of day-to-day RSA politics, sorry. Only mildly conscious of various scandals that emerge from time to time. What is he supposed to have done or not done?

Indaba · 04/09/2011 22:21

Undermined present President of SA (Zuma) and gone against ANC policy. Sorry, there seem to be lots of SA mumnetters on here and I thought I could get into a big heated debate/argument.....I'll go back to chuntering to myself Grin

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