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Temporary abolition of maternity leave being proposed by Cameron's strategy guru

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EightiesChick · 28/07/2011 10:41

I can't believe this is being put on the table. Very worrying - read about it here

OP posts:
bonkers20 · 28/07/2011 16:39

The articles reporting this seem to be using this (and other marvellous ideas) as examples of his general idiocy!

ttosca · 28/07/2011 18:34

Typical Tory trash. If they had their way, we really would all be living in Victorian conditions.

The bit about abolishing consumer rights is revealing, though. It further highlights the blind ideological nature of this government: Just like it is a right-wing mantra that public services are bad, and privitisation good, and so they drastically cut public spending, the opposite of what you're supposed to do during a recession, right-wing ideology also says that consumer protections are 'red tape' and harm business.

In reality, consumer protections are needed not just because it's a left wing ideal and not just because it is the right thing to do (although that is reason enough), but because they allow markets to flourish and increase consumer confidence in trade. Without them, consumers will spend less, more fraud will occur, and there will be more litigation.

It's just more short-sighted ideological nonsense of the type we've seen over and over with this government. They keep on trying to cut money where the net benefit in doing so is negative. That is, although they may save money in the short term by spending less, it will cost them more money in the long run.

smallwhitecat · 28/07/2011 21:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

justcross · 29/07/2011 14:06 clearly didn't read it with your calm head on. Please all stop ranting. No-one is suggesting that women shouldn't work...and if they did they'd be perfectly entitled to their opinion, this is still a free country, and just because you don't happen to agree with an opinion, does not make it taboo. Age employment is so high precisely because of the maternity/paternity doesn't mean they don't care, it just means for a small/medium sized business losing a memeber of staff that you have to repalce and still pay for is a complete nightmare, and in this climate, for many companies nigh on impossible. We cannot just blindly go on pretending that everything can be sorted by putting huge pressure on companies.....and I'm NOT talking about massive companies and banks etc, I'm talking about the every day shop-keeper, restaurateur, small factories...unless you understand what goes on in these hard-working, understaffed companies, you really cannot comment.

aliceliddell · 29/07/2011 14:20

There we were thinking the govt reimbursed co's for mat. pay. And thinking we had 'rights'. Remember them? Used to be A Good Thing.

aliceliddell · 29/07/2011 14:24

The background music will have the drip drip effect of making this madness seem ordinary.

Miggsie · 29/07/2011 14:32

How about reintroducing slavery for 9 months? That would really help small businesses as well.

DizzyKipper · 29/07/2011 14:40

That is a deeply concerning article. Not for a moment because I actually believe they might try to do this, but because I am very wary they may try to weaken some maternity rights. Like some one said before, propose something utterly ridiculous, come out with a "compromise" and then act like they're being completely reasonable. Did anyone notice it also mentioning the suggestion to abolish consumer rights to help kick start the economy? Ditto the former sentiments.

jellybeans · 30/07/2011 11:51

I think maternity rights are much better than they used to be when i had my eldest and strongly believe they should stay as they are now with more generous leave. Back then it was only either 16 or 18 weeks. I have a feeling (no evidence to support it but just a gut feeling) that they will go back to this kind of leave rather than the 9 months/year that we have now probably with some 'we can't afford it' speil.

I did giggle at the poster who said the guy apouts out things like monkey tennis etc., reminded me of Alan partridge Grin

claig · 30/07/2011 16:57

'How about reintroducing slavery for 9 months?'

Haven't we had enough of this blue sky thinking already?

StealthPolarBear · 30/07/2011 17:04

How about we cut MP expenses and maybe review their gold plated pensions a bit?

Oh no cos that's just ridiculous.

puzzlesum · 01/08/2011 08:48
tethersend · 01/08/2011 08:54
ElephantsAndMiasmas · 02/08/2011 15:02

Excellent, Tethers. "Legislate against knives and forks because someone on Jeremy Kyle said it would help".

Indaba · 04/09/2011 22:36


I'm with you. I think its good to debate stuff. Wish we could have more proper debates rather than tabloid arguments.

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