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Temporary abolition of maternity leave being proposed by Cameron's strategy guru

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EightiesChick · 28/07/2011 10:41

I can't believe this is being put on the table. Very worrying - read about it here

OP posts:
ClaireDeLoon · 28/07/2011 15:18

So what do they propose instead then? All pregnant women get sacked? You have the baby in a two week holiday and back to work you go?

Like YaMa I just hate this government, but it's OK because, as I'm a woman, they hate me right back.

AMumInScotland · 28/07/2011 15:23

When you look at the whole range of things he's suggested, it's clear he just throws ideas out without any thought for legality, practicality, or any other issues. I guess that's what he's being paid for, and then other people look at the pile of random stuff and try to decide if there is any of it they can make use of.

He also thinks we should not have any consumer rights for 9 months to "see what would happen" - on fine, I'll just not make any major purchases for the time being, as I'll have no security if they are a total scam, that'll be great for the economy won't it Hmm

headfairy · 28/07/2011 15:25

I actually wouldn't have minded....

If I could take my baby to work with me, could have half an hour off every couple of hours to feed her. Have a cot set up in the corner of my office and perhaps a nice area next to my desk with some toys and a nice padded mat to play on. Oh and an extended lunch break to allow me to catch up on sleep because I'll have been up at least twice in the night. Oh and a bed to have that nap in. And obviously ad hoc breaks if my dd needed something, a quick nappy change or something. And naturally I'd have to have her sitting on my lap so I wouldn't be able to work as fast. As she got older she'd grab the mouse or bash the keyboard, but they won't mind will they? Oh and of course I'd need to leave work at about 5pm (instead of my normal finishing time of 10.30pm) to get dd home to have her bath and get to bed (unless they'd like to provide a nice clean warm bathroom for me to bathe her and then a nice dark quiet bedroom for her to sleep in). And they'd also have to provide a car park space for me because I couldnt' take a sleeping baby home for an hour on the train.

Sure I wouldn't mind :o

aliceliddell · 28/07/2011 15:29

Oh, do buck up! Here in The Real World, we recognise that The Country Can't Afford It and it's just red tape that stifles business. Protective clothing for buiding sites, steel works etc now consists of flipflops and beret.

Laugs · 28/07/2011 15:29

Come to think of it, it's probably quite fun being Steve Hilton. I wonder how much you get paid for a job like that?

Dippy001 · 28/07/2011 15:31

That made my stomach turn, I hope it is not something Cameron is considering. It just can't be, it's insane!

headfairy · 28/07/2011 15:32

I've got a bonzer way to save millions and pay off the debt in weeks. Abolish government. We'll appoint a panel of qualified volunteers, you know the sort, doctors, teachers, managers, policeofficers, fire officers, soldiers/military types, journalists, engineers, scientists they can all give an hour or two a week (see? Big society?) and make all the decisions for areas in which they have some expertise, and we'll get rid of those corrupt, expensive, self serving MPs and save ourselves billions in the process!

Empusa · 28/07/2011 15:33

headfairy for Prime Minister!!

Ephiny · 28/07/2011 15:35

It really doesn't sound like this is being seriously considered, more like a silly 'creative thinking' exercise. I agree it's a bit weird and disturbing that such an example is being used, but lets not panic just yet!

headfairy · 28/07/2011 15:37

wooo hooo! Now all you feckless mothers, back to work with you beatches... you're a drain on society, tsk tsk!

BikeRunSki · 28/07/2011 15:41

I am not sure that anyone in the coalition gov knows what they are doing. I think they have ideas, make them as extreme as possible, publicise them and see what the public reaction is to gauge what they can get away with. Like selling off the public forests...

BikeRunSki · 28/07/2011 15:43

Heady Fairy... that's pretty much what is happening with Planning Officers!

CalmInsomniac · 28/07/2011 15:43

Don't you get the feeling more and more that our country is run by a couple of know it all public school boys who haven't left their teenage days behind them.
It's like Kevin the teenager's posh cousin (maybe that one who asks for bitty on Little Britain) is running the country Confused.

EdithWeston · 28/07/2011 15:49

The article also says he proposed the abolition of all consumer rights - a far more worrying concept.

headfairy · 28/07/2011 15:50

Edith I wouldn't even be surprised if they abolished all rights, so we become mere serfs toiling for their benefit. Up the revolution!

Quenelle · 28/07/2011 15:53

I have visions of Steve Hilton skipping around the office barefoot spouting the first thing that comes into his head:

  1. Monkey Tennis
  2. Abolish Maternity Rights
  3. Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank
gallicgirl · 28/07/2011 15:55

Hmmm I seem to recall reading an article a while back about the evolution of maternity rights and IIRC they took a backwards step while Thatcher was in power. Thatcherite policies weren't particularly good for women either.

Why can't the idiots realise that the reason the economy is sluggish is because nobody is spending money because they've either been made redundant or are worried about being made redundant. Also banks won't lend money to businesses to expand because of fears about government policy.

I fail to see how the suspension of consumer rights will aid the economy. Surely that's just a licence to make cheap shoddy goods that will injure people. In fact, I bet that will just promote the import of cheap shoddy goods and reduce British manufacturing even further.

headfairy · 28/07/2011 15:57

:o quenelle

CogitoErgoSometimes · 28/07/2011 16:02

It wouldn't happen mostly because it would be political suicide but also because we're hooked up to EU law on working practices. That's where most of the initiatives have originated for the last 10 or 20 years. There's a big 'how can we get rid of red-tape' exercise going on to try to give business a shot in the arm and whilst 'getting rid of maternity leave' isn't going to cut it as a general measure, there may end up being some give and take in the case of very small businesses for whom it is a serious enough problem that they often don't employ young women, just in case.

jugglingwiththreeshoes · 28/07/2011 16:07

WTF ! Hmm

gallicgirl · 28/07/2011 16:13
ElephantsAndMiasmas · 28/07/2011 16:15

Fucking RIGHT it won't happen.

But I might be wrong, doesn't America have NO statutory paid maternity leave at all?


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gallicgirl · 28/07/2011 16:19


They can have 6 weeks leave for a vaginal birth and 9 weeks for a c-section but I'm fairly sure they don't get paid anything.

There was a list recently of maternity rights across the world and my American friends were shocked to see the US had pretty much the worst maternity rights in the world. The land of the brave and the free had failed women while 3rd world countries were doing a better job.

YaMaYaMa · 28/07/2011 16:20

I think it says everything about this shitty governement that people will read the thread title and nobody will be remotely surprised by it.

Seriously, this government hates women. If I'd have voted LibDem like I considered doing I'd be living in a permanet state of apoplectic rage.

headfairy · 28/07/2011 16:23

:o at everyone getting so upset about this... seriously it won't happen. This government is on far to slim a majority (sorry, did I say majority... I meant minority) to risk losing even one voter. If they even touch maternity rights I say roll on 2015. Bring it on Camo, lets see you wriggle out of that one !

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