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No more fines for the wrong bin

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longfingernails · 10/04/2011 12:23

More petty Labour nanny-state swept away! Hooray!

OP posts:
claig · 10/04/2011 13:11

Great news from the Coalition.

claig · 10/04/2011 13:15

Pensioners can sleep easy. Punitive, progressive penalisation is past history.

claig · 10/04/2011 13:18

If they carry on like this, always on the people's side, I think they'll be in power for a long time.

claig · 10/04/2011 13:25

"Shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh said the government was "all over the place" on waste and recycling.
She said it announced a waste review last summer that still had not been published and added the Conservatives had abandoned any hope of achieving a "zero waste" Britain."

Give the Coalition a chance, they've already beaten the progressives in an election. Surely that is the biggest step in achieving a "zero waste" zociety?

longfingernails · 10/04/2011 13:53

We will not achieve a real zero waste society until the Labour party crumbles and withers away. Fortunately, under Red Ed, that seems to be exactly what is happening.

OP posts:
claig · 10/04/2011 13:56

"Shadow environment secretary Mary Creagh said the government was "all over the place" on waste and recycling."

Well I think we can all agree that New Labour knew a lot about waste. When it comes to waste, they wrote the book, and then threw the book at the public. I have even heard some members of the public refer to them as wasters. Recycling? Well they certainly recycled their front bench into different areas of inexpertise.

claig · 10/04/2011 14:10

The recycling meant that we saw the same old faces wearing different hats and disguises. It was like a jolly party, high spirits and lots of clowns. When they set off their party poppers, you knew the country would come a cropper. They changed seats like in a game of musical chairs, but when the music stopped, the country's coffers were bare. It was a New Labour party alright, but the public got no invite. But now we're fortunate to have the Coalition, they''ll pull us from the jaws of progressive perdition.

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