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Greedwatch one

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newwave · 03/04/2011 10:10

The CEO of Serco who have their hands in many government and local govrnment services have given their greedy shit CEO, Chris Hyman a wage rise of 18% to £1.86 million a year whilst finance director, Andrew Jennings has to manage (poor love) with only a measly 7% rise to £948k (how unfair)

This money is being gouged from the public purse and is jut obscense.

I would love to ask Chris and Andrew how many of his companies "shop floor" employees have had a 7% pay rise let alone an 18% rise.

Yet another example of our "leaders" leading by example, not.

No doubt if their employees take industrial action for a 7% pay rise they will be condemed for "holding the country to ransom" by the Tories and their ilk.

OP posts:
Mellowfruitfulness · 04/04/2011 22:05

Just watched a Channel 4 documentary on how university chancellors are getting paid huge salaries - while lobbying the government to raise tuition fees ...

It really isn't fair.

ttosca · 04/04/2011 22:16

So - what are you going to do about it?

Mellowfruitfulness · 04/04/2011 22:22

Me or Newwave?

I don't know what to do about it - apart from posting on here and talking to colleagues tomorrow. Any suggestions?

newwave · 04/04/2011 22:22

ttosca, I dont know but I am open to suggestions.

OP posts:
Mellowfruitfulness · 04/04/2011 22:29

I can't see any of the three main parties doing anything to cut uni VCs' pay. What I don't understand is how paying huge amounts of money to people at the top can be justified. Especially now.

You're right, ttosca, lots of people are complaining, and some are even going on marches, and this sort of thing is in all of the papers. But nothing changes. Why don't these greedy people feel ashamed? If I had just been plastered all over a Channel 4 programme, I wouldn't dare to go out of my front door.

newwave · 04/04/2011 22:38

Your talking about people like "thread the shred" who still took his stolen goods vast pension after almost bankrupting RBS. Dont expect shame from those type of scum.

A good kicking is far to good for him and his ilk and I dont mean it metaphorically

OP posts:
glasnost · 04/04/2011 22:39

They feel no shame. They are a breed utterly separate and distinct to the rest of we mere mortals. They're totally lacking in empathy and judiciousness and are probably seriously mentally ill. And they're sending us all to hell on a handcart.

newwave · 04/04/2011 22:42

Dear God, bloody spellchecker, "Fred the shred"

OP posts:
Mellowfruitfulness · 04/04/2011 22:55

Where's Robespierre when you need him? I'm going to get my knitting out.

newwave · 04/04/2011 23:04

Mellow :o

Give me a heads up when the tumbrils start rolling then the greedy scum bankers can have a "heads up" too

OP posts:
Mellowfruitfulness · 04/04/2011 23:18

No, I do have some ideas. Here they come ...

1 Start building a guillotine on their lawns. Hammer hammer in the morning, hammer in the evening, watch it going up, screw by screw.

2 Go on hunger strike on their lawns.

3 Set up a shanty town on their lawns.

4 Pretend to be bailiffs and confiscate their televisions.

5 Send them letters in brown envelopes saying their taxes have been raised by 200% and all the loop holes have been closed and all the creative accountants have been locked up in the Tower and are awaiting execution.

6 Ride their ponies away in the dead of night. I volunteer for that one.

7 Hold a garden fete on their lawns in aid of poor children and students.

8 Or we could stalk them. I mean walk right behind them dressed as the grim reaper. Follow them everywhere they go, laughing in a sinister fashion.

9 We could oink loudly down the phone at them.

10 Make them think it's morning by crowing loudly in the middle of the night.

Sorry for hijack, Newwave. Going to bed now.

ttosca · 06/04/2011 01:11

All good ideas, Mellow.

ttosca · 06/04/2011 01:13

newwave and mellow-

Get involved with the Coalition of Resistance:

Join the Facebook page to be kept up to date on protests and events, if you haven't already.

madhattershouse · 06/04/2011 01:14

With the housing problem the Govt are going to create with the lowered rent payments may I suggest that all displaced people go to these fat-cats properties and set up refugee camps on their grounds! Viva the modern gypsy!!! Wink

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