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Is there such a thing as "severe poverty" in the UK?

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Niceguy2 · 25/03/2011 23:45

I'm being serious. I'm not talking about poor. Obviously there are plenty of people who either are poor or think they are. But I mean severe poverty.

I just read the Save the Children child poverty report which claims that 1.6million children live in severe poverty. And they define "severe poverty" as a family of 1 child who has an income of less than £7000 (or 2 kids with income < £12k).

But a quick tot up of benefits tells me that a family with 1 child would get the following each year:

Income Support £3412
Tax Credits £2850
Child Benefit £1055
Total 7317

And that's before you take into account housing benefit, council tax, free school dinners etc etc. So to me, no UK family should fall into that definition.

Then the report goes on to say they say someone is living in poverty if basic necessities are not met such as not "having enough shoes", not being able to pay for "home contents insurance" or children missing out on "having friends round" or "school trips".

When I hear "poverty" I think of children living in the streets with no food, not being unable to go on a school trip!

So given all that, is there such a thing as severe poverty in the UK? Or is it as I suspect that some families just can't manage their money?

I'm not trying to argue that £7k is a lot of money. I'm just saying that if that's the definition and the state gives you more, then surely there isn't such a thing?

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 31/03/2011 14:42

Wot are you lot like? From poverty to dating prospects. Only on MN.

GabbyLoggon · 31/03/2011 14:57

This thread has produced a serious degree of division; in a seriously divided country.

So Camerooney was wrong to say "We are all in it together."

aliceliddell · 31/03/2011 15:58

Jogon - you said that although you believe I am genuinely disabled, I still should have less money than you because you can work and you have a job. Did I not explain that I cannot work because I am disabled? Nor can dp as he is my ft carer. This money I should get only if proven to be genuine has to pay for things you probably don't need like wheelchairs, bath-seat, ramps, etc. They're quite expensive, and no the council/NHS don't provide them adequately, even though they're meant to, for various reasons. Mainly because they only offer the cheapest possible version of any given item. Also, we have higher heating bills because I'm at home all day and can't keep warm by moving around. Other scroungers I mean disabled people need special diets which cost more money. Can you please give me a coherent explanation of why I should get less money than you although I evidently need more?

swallowedAfly · 31/03/2011 16:10

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

mamatomany · 31/03/2011 17:15

Wot are you lot like? From poverty to dating prospects

One often leads to the other and vice versa I find Grin

BaroqueAroundTheClock · 31/03/2011 19:08

haha - so true, so true

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