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CJD/vCJD (Human BSE) Memorial Day 12th May 2011- London

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Beaaware · 04/03/2011 22:51

This day is to remember the tragic victims who have died from the human form of mad cows disease. We want to stop the spread of vCJD and take our message to Downing Street to ask our government why they still refuse to screen all blood donors for the human form of mad cows disease. We are still being exposed to this lethal manmade disease from contaminated surgical instruments and unscreened donor blood.

OP posts:
QueenBathsheba · 11/03/2011 22:01

I have had a look at the website and I am shocked to discover that blood is not screened.

I found the story on the website very upsetting and it is so worrying that the Government and agro companies put profit before human health. Sad

Truely shocking that BSE is almost certainly manmade and totally preventable if it was not for the fact that large animal feed companies silence governments, scientists and all opposition to their deadly and disturbing trade.

BaggedandTagged · 15/03/2011 10:12

Isn't that because there isn't currently a blood test for CJD? To confirm you have it they have to take spinal fluid I think. However, they're just trialling a blood test at the moment which looks quite promising.

So basically, unless we don't want to have donor blood at all, there's not much they can do atm.

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