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Call me Dave and the Public services

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newwave · 22/02/2011 19:38

CUT & PASTE, says it all.

Cameron is an unrepentant Thatcherite hellbent on ripping this country to shreds in pursuit of an extremist agenda designed to give as much money to his friends as possible.
He has this manic self-belief that if everything is sold off to private enterprise that this will make the world a better place.
This is inevitable given his upbringing, schooling and career employment.
He is as far away from the reality of ordinary lives as I am from the moon, he has as little concern for public services as I do for Barclays Bank.
God help us when this lunatic has finished his worst.

OP posts:
complimentary · 22/02/2011 22:30

Newwave. As you know very well David is not a lunatic. I agree that he has never had a 'proper' job and neither has Ed Miliband,or Ed Balls, or wife Yvette Cooper and most of the Labour,Tory,or Lib Dem, parties of present. As I probably said I met Cameron and TBH he comes across as naive. He's no monster, I found him far to PC for my liking! I think he believes like many that public services are badly run and waste a lot of money. They should be run a lot better i.e. like a business. The problem is he may throw the baby out with the bath water. Smile

newwave · 22/02/2011 23:34

Comp, it matters little if he fucks up this country through ignorance or spite it's still fucked up. Even if it is through ignorance I suspect Gideon has enough spite for both of them.

OP posts:
Chil1234 · 23/02/2011 07:03

Yet another 'all tories are bastards' thread?

Niceguy2 · 23/02/2011 09:01

You know what. I'm not actually a big fan of Cameron. To be fair, I'm not a big fan of most of the senior politicians.

My problem is not with their ideology. I think the need for deficit reduction is/was obvious to most sane people. The country was truly staring into the abyss and recovery will be slow and possibly take a decade (assuming Labour doesn't get back in and reverse the progress made).

However I hate all the political correctness bollocks. So all the spin like "We're all in this together" and the soundbites like "Those with the broadest shoulders...." BAH!

I'd rather have the cigar chomping Ken Clarke anyday who recently warned of our "calamitous" state and that Middle Britain hasn't taken on board how bad the cuts will be.

Love her or loathe her, at least you knew where you stood with Thatcher and she had the courage of her convictions.

And who can leave out good old John Prescott. Now he's not going to win any elocution lessons but at least the layman can understand what the hell he is saying and everyone knows if you take a swing at him....he'll swing back!

Unfortunately I believe the current crop of politicians will believe in anything they think they'll get the most votes for.

My local politician is a self confessed socialist. He's as left wing as they come. That said from what I can see, he's an honest man who at least has done an honest days work in his life and has consistently over the years had one of the lowest expenses recorded. I'd rather vote for a guy like him than a candidate who says one thing and does another.

QueenBathsheba · 23/02/2011 13:11

My local politician is a self confessed socialist. He's as left wing as they come. That said from what I can see, he's an honest man who at least has done an honest days work

Well that speaks volumes doesn't it. An honest man who has done an honest days work who stands up and represents all of us just like him, who work, or don't but all the same form the majority of the voting public.

Are Dave and Osborne representative of most ordinary people, no.

By the time this government has abolished the minimum wage, undermined flexible working, sent women back to the kitchen and privatised all public services people will be proudly proclaiming their socialist politics.

Niceguy2 · 23/02/2011 16:53

But Queen. Hardly any of the current crop of MP's have had real careers. Most of them nowadays graduate and go straight into politics. This is not unique to the Tories. You'll find exactly the same in both Labour & Lib Dems.

What speaks volumes is that someone who speaks his mind rarely makes it to the top. Well I guess you could say that John Prescott & Ken Clarke nearly made it but they're more symbolic appointments to appease certain sectors of the party than because of their skills.

QueenBathsheba · 23/02/2011 20:00

John Prescott was derided and laughed at, people felt that he didn't have the education to be taken seriously. Although he rose through the ranks through sheer hard work.

The problem is now that politicians see politics as a way of making a name for themselves, look at Blair, not content with being an ex prime minister, he was after the job of euro president. So he just sought yet more power. Isn't he working on peace in the middle east, hmm... sure looks promising when in the last day Iran have just put ships in the suez to P the Isrealis off. What ever it is he is doing, you can bet he's being over paid. Some socilaist he turned out to be Confused

I wonder if partly the electorate are to blame, we have been suckered into the whole celeb culture thing where young and attractive equals votes.

Niceguy2 · 23/02/2011 22:40

The electorate are totally to blame. On the whole we're not tough enough on our politicians and the average person in the street doesn't really have the intelligence....frankly many MP's don't either.

We've been sucked into believing the govt can spend whilst not increase taxes. It's not mathematics but ideology. If only the rich paid more....then the world would be perfect.

One of the most interesting things I found was that during the MP expenses crisis because of the public anger, MP's were genuinely taken aback. They were stunned and didn't know how best to react. That's the sort of pressure we should be giving them each day to represent our interest.....not their own.

imright · 23/02/2011 23:04

Niceguy. yes. 'represent our interest.... not their own' Well said, I feel it will be a long time coming!

dotnet · 24/02/2011 09:34

Well, we've got what we've got, and we're stuck with it for the time being even though there was no mandate for some of the deeply unpleasant, even callous things which are currently afoot.

Realistically, all that people can do, given that we're not Egyptians - is, attend demonstrations (March 26th, anyone?) with placards to broadcast our feelings - write to our MPs in an effort to apply pressure, and sign petitions.

Also make, or try to make, links with a wider network of people to strengthen their stance against whichever governmental move/s they see as most odious.

Any other suggestions, anyone?

QueenBathsheba · 24/02/2011 18:07

dotnet, what is happening on the 26th March?

CateOfCateHall · 24/02/2011 19:58

On the 26th of March there's going to be a march in London against the cuts, QueenBathsheba.

I'm waiting to hear if I've got myself a seat on the coach to London,
which is being organised by our local Anti-Cuts Alliance group.

dotnet · 25/02/2011 10:38

Sorry didn't answer, QueenBathsheba. I probably started looking at other bits of MN straight after I posted. Thanks for putting up the link about 26th March, Cate .

QueenBathsheba · 25/02/2011 10:45

Thank you Cate and dotnet, have had a look, The kids are going to Granny's and I am busy twisting Dh's arms off Smile

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