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Would it be too extreme to liken Cameron to Magabe?

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jenroy29 · 15/02/2011 10:34

With all the cuts he has, and is intending to introduce I really feel that country will soon slip back 70 years in terms of development.
The cuts to the welfare state in terms of DLA, child benefit and tax credits. The cuts in education removing funding for vocational courses, EMA and the hike in tuition fees. The reduction in public spending to libraries, leisure centres and childrens centres. To name but a few.
We were once on world tables of healthcare provision and education standards. Real world players in industry and science research.
What is going to happen to all this, how is Britain's economy going to grow?
It seems to me that David Cameron's agenda of changing everything, not neccessarily improving things, is going to go too far!

OP posts:
disapprovinggirlfriend · 15/02/2011 10:34
Chil1234 · 15/02/2011 10:37

Yes, it would be too extreme to compare a democratically elected Prime Minister trying to correct a terrible economic imbalance to a despotic dictator. But don't let reasoned argument get in the way of a good headline, will you?.... Hmm

Guacamole · 15/02/2011 10:38

Yes it would, stop being so utterly ridiculous!
Oh and it's Mugabe.

Bramshott · 15/02/2011 10:41

Frankly I am as left-wing as they come, but yet, it would be far too extreme to liken Cameron (who is just a vapid posh boy who doesn't really care about or understand those less fortunate than himself, and has an ideological committment to shrinking the state) to Mugabe (who is an evil, vote-rigging, torture-happy thug who cares nothing for his country, his people, or anyone but himself). OK Hmm?

purits · 15/02/2011 10:41


Do you think that Cameron sits down at his desk in the morning and says to himself 'what can I do to wreck the economy today?'


purits · 15/02/2011 10:42


Guacamole: get with the programme. You are the only one who didn't do a Hmm

Guacamole · 15/02/2011 10:48

Apologies Hmm

jenroy29 · 15/02/2011 10:55

I wrote Magabe, you all assumed I meant Robert Mugabe, therefore you all made a link in your brains Hmm (can you see what I've done there).

Ok, What does David Cameron think when he sits at his desk? Wink

OP posts:
claig · 15/02/2011 10:56

Don't believe everything the Guardian says. They are always comparing people to Magabe, and I've never heard of him.

claig · 15/02/2011 11:30

I think Cameron would be honoured to be compared to MaGabbyLoggon. There is no one who is more often right, on so many issues.

Cheers. MaGabby.

complimentary · 15/02/2011 13:25

How can David Cameron be compared to Mugabe?
(a murderous despot)I've met him, no way can you compare the two.I haven't met Mugabe, (wouldn't want too) but can tell you this, if Mugabe had been given the same roasting as I gave to Cameron, I would be locked up in a filty rat infested prison for the next 30 years!!

Do behave yourself! Grin

freshmint · 15/02/2011 13:26

yes. you are an idiot. you live in a democracy. grow up (and learn to spell)

GrimmaTheNome · 15/02/2011 13:30

I wrote Magabe, you all assumed I meant Robert Mugabe, therefore you all made a link in your brains (can you see what I've done there).

Er, no, no idea what you did there. If you didn't mean Mugabe who the heck did you mean? If you did mean Mugabe I have no idea what the point of that comment was.

Ok, What does David Cameron think when he sits at his desk?

My guess would be, how the hell do I dig the country I love out of the hole its in.

DillyDaydreaming · 15/02/2011 13:33

Er... yeah it would be too extreme. And I say that as someone who is NO fan of DC and co.

Guacamole · 15/02/2011 14:04

Okay so if you wrote Magabe please enlighten us to who Magabe is?

"I wrote Magabe, you all assumed I meant Robert Mugabe, therefore you all made a link in your brains (can you see what I've done there)."

Nope I'm afraid I have no idea what you're on about?

complimentary · 15/02/2011 18:24

Magabe,Magabe, who the hell is Magabe? You could turn this into a murder mystery, or a song!Grin

complimentary · 15/02/2011 18:27

Jenroy. Are you suggesting this country is turning into a banana republic? With DC the head of it? Smile

LadyBlaBlah · 15/02/2011 19:56

This politics section is losing it's marbles

NoSuchThingAsSociety · 18/02/2011 12:11

Depends. If it's okay for me to liken Ed Miliband to the Josef Stalin, then you can do as you like, luv.

AlpinePony · 18/02/2011 12:15
thereiver · 18/02/2011 13:00

yes it would you clown

TheCoalitionNeedsYou · 18/02/2011 13:15


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