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Davos 2011.... What is it all about?

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Chil1234 · 30/01/2011 11:41

Davos 2011

Sinister plotting by high level economists or useful meeting of minds in the wake of the banking crisis?

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jackstarb · 30/01/2011 16:54

Chil - you appear to be at a loose end todaySmile. IMO - the bankers are scared (of a repeat banking crisis), pissed off at all the flack they are receiving, and looking to defend their vested interests.

How the politicians manage this is crucial. I just hope everyone's top priority is avoiding another crisis!

onimolap · 30/01/2011 16:55

It's an annual event, so I'd put it in the useful talking shop category, rather than anything sinister.

Chil1234 · 30/01/2011 17:30

@jackstarb... you noticed Wink Lame attempt, I suppose, at steering the Politics board away from the rather boring 'give me 10 reasons why you hate Thatcher' stuff it seems to be clogged with.

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