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Vince Cable: Labour's useful idiot?

23 replies

longfingernails · 20/12/2010 22:10

He has been secretly recorded by reporters posing as constituents, saying that he could bring down the coalition.

What a plonker. He belongs in the Labour party - why won't he defect and get on with it?

He thinks him resigning would be "nuclear". Far from it. I say he should get on with it, and let David Laws take over.

OP posts:
LadyBlaBlah · 21/12/2010 10:06


He was refreshingly honest.

If you really thought he would agree with much of what the Tories are doing then that is a little naive

Interesting that Cameron is thinking about scrapping the winter fuel allowance - can't wait for that.

And also the fact that Cable too thinks they are rushing through policy without thinking things through properly.

He just confirms a lot of what I already thought about Cameron and Gideon - inexperienced, unintellectual, disingenuous, totally lacking in any empathy little rich boys.

And of course it would be very damaging if he left. And you know it.

festiveflashingmammaries · 21/12/2010 10:07

One of the idiots may as well be useful

SpringHeeledJack · 21/12/2010 10:11

what BlaBlah said

poor VC. We were watching him on Newsnight getting shouted at by Kirsty Wark about tuition fees- he has that terrible haunted look about him. Same as Jack Straw had as Foreign Sec Grin

if he goes, the 'coalition' really won't look like a coalition any more, and will lose any scrap of credibility it still has

complimentary · 21/12/2010 10:28

Vince Cable is IMHO a genuine person, I would not vote for the Lib Dems in a million years. Him leaving his party will not be devastating, for the Lib Dems or Clegg as they shall not see power after the next election for many years!

Thankyou you very much LFN for posting this, I LOL at Vinces statement "they know...... I have nuclear weapons....aaargh" (others shake with fear) Vince do behave yourself! you are hardly Saddam are you?

Do keep posting LFN, you gave me the first laugh of the morning, great at Christmas time!Xmas Grin

edam · 21/12/2010 10:32

Vince looked so wise in opposition. Sadly being in government has really shown his limitations.

He's right about Gideon and Cameron, though.

edam · 21/12/2010 10:33

(I think Clegg's betting that everyone will have forgotten what shits the Lib Dems turned out to be by the time of the next election. I do hope not. And suspect he will find out pissing off a whole generation of first time voters was a very bad move - does he really think they will forget the betrayal over tuition fees?)

JingleBelleDameSansMerci · 21/12/2010 10:36

edam that's true of most of them...

Niceguy2 · 21/12/2010 10:44

Agree with edam.

Think the lib dems are getting a very harsh lesson and learning that it's easy to stand at the side and throw stones at what you should or should not do.

But when you are the johnny on the spot and have to make decisions which affect millions, it's not so easy.

You are damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Most people think money grows on trees and the government have the answer to all their woes...if only they cared enough.

Te simple fact is that the government don't have a clue half the time and its better if they just left us to get on with things.

SpringHeeledJack · 21/12/2010 11:07

edam when 13yos are making jokes about you in the playground (as they currently are about Nick Legg) you know you've lost forever...

edam · 21/12/2010 11:13

Ooh, share the jokes! (I don't have a 13yo, ds is still at the stage of singing 'my boyfriend gave me an apple'.)

GiddyPickle · 21/12/2010 15:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpringHeeledJack · 21/12/2010 17:19

edam it's the one about "why did Nick Clegg cross the road? -because he said he wouldn't"

...apparently it's all over facebook and the playground

that's a generation lost to the Lib Dems,at any rate

FiveFeetTwo · 21/12/2010 17:26

The guy is a moron. I am so disappointed in him. Makes me think he was all talk and no brains from the start.

The BBC played the tape this afternoon. He was obviously trying to impress a couple of "female constituents" with his tales of bravado and derring do (lots of encouraging oohs and ahhs and giggles from the undercover journos on the tape).

Hook line and sinker.

What a let down.

jackstarlightstarbright · 21/12/2010 18:03

looks like he's staying in the cabinet. Lost his role re: BSB.

ravenAK · 21/12/2010 18:09

Why on Earth would the Labour Party want him?

He's doing a great job of mucking up the Coalition exactly where he is.

So yes, I agree with festiveflashingmammaries: one of the idiots may just as well be useful. He has cheered me up no end.

GiddyPickle · 21/12/2010 18:55

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jackstarlightstarbright · 21/12/2010 19:31

Bit of an 'own goal' for the Telegraph (who left out the BSB comments from their story).

Their 'delightful' undercover reporters succeeded in getting (biased to their cause) Vince removed from the BSB bid decision.

Not too cleverHmm.

complimentary · 21/12/2010 22:18

I did say I thought Vince Cable was genuine IMHO. I retract it, it now transpires he has very little integrity. Very disapointing!

monkeyjamtart · 21/12/2010 22:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyBlaBlah · 21/12/2010 22:35

I have to say the giggling was excrutiating

newwave · 22/12/2010 00:14

LFN, Laws is a good bet after all VC is the only "non Tory" in the cabinet, Laws would make a full set of swivel eyed loons.

I hope VC does quit as he would be a rallying point for the descent/moderate wing of the LDs.

I am surprised you want Laws anyway he is an expenses fiddler I did not think you would approve of him or is that benefit fiddlers you dont like hmmm

Litchick · 22/12/2010 09:15

Vince Cable has absolutely no integrity.

He made a lot of strong speeches in opposition, then changed his mind completely once the offer of being in governemnt came up.

I recall heaps of posts on here, saying he wouldn't 'last a week' in the coalition.

It turns out he'll keep rolling as long as he can stay in power.

LadyBlaBlah · 22/12/2010 09:50

Vince Cable was right, he does have the power the bring the government down.

There is absolutely no way that Cameron wanted to keep him on after all of this - he would have absolutely 100% wanted to fire him. But he can't. Because he is scared. It is funny funny funny.

Although putting the Cunt in charge of the BSkyB deal is just a travesty. I think Cable, despite his words, would have been fairer in making a balanced decision when it came to the crunch. It is a done deal now, Murdoch will be a happy, but still hideous, man.

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