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Civil service shake-up will see business chiefs on departments to oversee cuts

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granted · 16/12/2010 09:41


Obviously, bringing in successful business people to assist in govt is nothing new, even within the civil service - and Labour was just as enamoured of special advisors fromthe business world.

Interesting to see the calibre of some of the people appointed, though - let us not forget that Lord Browne, (he of the university fees debacle), "left BP in 2007 under a cloud after lying to a court about his relationship with another man. His tenure at BP was tarnished following a fatal explosion at the Texas City oil refinery." So not a great role model. But the government's lead non-executive director.

I also looked up some of the random names I'd never heard of, and whose 'business' success was not sufficiently august to be noted.

Here is a typical example:

"Theodore Agnew - insurance executive who has donated substantial sums to the Conservative Party. The donations listed amount to a total of £134,000 over less than two years. "

What concerns me is that he, along with the other nobodies, will now be paid £15,000 a year for between 12 and 15 days work a year out of the public purse and will get to make major decisions on public sector cuts that affect ALL of us - even sacking the permanent secretaries if they disagree with them - and what is his qualification for this?

That he is a nobody who gave loads of money to to the Tory party. NOT a big-league success.

Should add that he is one of the more successful ones - at least he is googleable. A number of others are so insignificant that their details are not even apparent on google - just one of many with the same name, none of note whatsoever.

So the moral is - if you want to really count in the Big Society, send your cheque to Tory Head Office now.

OP posts:
Igglystuffedfullofturkey · 16/12/2010 10:00

What I'd like to know is this. Private sector and public sector are not the same. Every business in the private sector is not successful, there are plenty of failures etc. The public sector has a different ethos - it's not there to make money. Yes it should be more efficient but not profit making. Companies will do things cheaply - but sometimes at the expense of efficency.

So why oh why would a private sector businessman/woman know how to run a public sector department? There are different pressures, different drivers etc.

I've never got a decent explanation.

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