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Fawcett Society loses high court challenge over cuts

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Ewe · 06/12/2010 15:10

Sky News

How very disappointing :(

OP posts:
byrel · 06/12/2010 15:42

Not surprised it was a ludicrous claim

Ewe · 06/12/2010 15:53

Regardless of what you think about the claim, surely a civil society organisation should be able to challenge the government legally, that doesn't mean they would necessarily win.

It's not that they have lost/won it's that they aren't even being permitted to legally challenge it.

OP posts:
byrel · 06/12/2010 16:01

I agree with you to an extent but I don't think that pressure groups should be able to just make any claim they want against the Government. I think it needs to be assessed before it goes to court to see if it has any merit and whether it should be pursued.

This seems to have happened here where the judge has decided that this claim lacks merit so its not worth wasting everybodys time hearing it out.

huddspur · 06/12/2010 17:32

It was never going to come to anything as having a budget that affects all the various demographics of society equally is unachievable

longfingernails · 06/12/2010 20:15

Wonderful news, though entirely expected.

I am glad that taxpayers won't have to pay more in ludicrous legal expenses on this totally spurious case.

lifeinCrimbo · 07/12/2010 22:59

Yes its dissapointing news, but congratulations for the Fawcett Society for raising the issue and publicising this problem.

The further good news is that the Equality and Human Rights Commission has taken up the issue.

lifeinCrimbo · 07/12/2010 23:01


I hope Gideon is feeling the pressure, and that he is made answerable!

smallwhitecat · 07/12/2010 23:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

pinkteddy · 07/12/2010 23:06

That's really disappointing news. I hadn't heard anything as I was out last night and nothing today.

newwave · 07/12/2010 23:47

in principle I disapprove of Tory governments allowing entrenched inequalities to continue but this is a Tory government so i expect no better.

lifeinCrimbo · 08/12/2010 00:27

yes this tory gov is seriously re-trenching inequality :(

huddspur · 08/12/2010 00:34

Is it not impossible to have a budget that affects all demographs of society equally

madhattershouse · 08/12/2010 00:42

So sad...but not surprised. Only takes the tories months to show their true colours. How long till they reinstate the poor-houses? Hello the past..we are coming back!!Sad

newwave · 08/12/2010 00:48

The evils of Thatcherism are returning as I knew they would.

numotre · 08/12/2010 00:58

newwave- the current Governments policies are nothing like Mrs Thatchers, she never cut public spending she just changed what it was spent on

newwave · 08/12/2010 01:04

Ok fair enough, how about both Tory governments have or will inflict the most cuts on the most vulnerable and the poor. Thatcher did and "call me Dave" and Gideon are going to do so.

Donr hear much of "we are all in this together" anymore, always was a lie

madhattershouse · 08/12/2010 01:06

Thatcherism had boundaries..people still cared! Now we have no constraints, the poor are leeches and single mums are demonised. This is what Thatcher REALLY wanted but could not dare to do. It is a sad day that allows the renewal of the old is all!! When we wake up from the brown/blair were awful fug there will be the realisation that we have ended up with something far more scary. Enter the Condems!!Thatcherism-plus!!!!

numotre · 08/12/2010 01:14

Are the cuts going to be that bad though? I was pleasantly surprised by the spending review if I'm honest, I thought the cuts would be much deeper than they are

newwave · 08/12/2010 01:21

If you are like me, two kids one at work after uni and one at uni, a joint income of £82k and no mortgage (paid off from inheritance) then you are mostly ok.

If however you are like one poster who is epileptic and cannot get a job because of it but has now been assessed and is told she is fit for work and had lost 3350 a month in benefit your screwed, lots of cases like that.

madhattershouse · 08/12/2010 01:23

The poorest will suffer the most..quelle suprise! Oh how I love the tories not!!

newwave · 08/12/2010 01:25

FGS £350 a month

madhattershouse · 08/12/2010 01:29

If I lost that amount I would be homeless. As it is I have figured on a £170 loss per month in benefits (and before I get lynched my partner has applied for every job going!) We are at risk of losing it I care about social mobility...NO. Just a roof over our head would be nice!

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