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Snobbery is not often discussed..on message boards

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GabbyLoggon · 06/12/2010 10:55

dictionary definition

SNOB..A person who judges others by social rank."

I suppose so, but ours is a social rank society. are we meant to think a Duke is as poor as a dustman

this was raised in the "poll tax" debate which helped to finish Maggie thatcher

Snobberr is a difficult subject; but I suspect there is a lot of it about Cheers

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NeverendingStoryteller · 06/12/2010 11:16

Everyone is a mini-snob about something - we all have something that is to our taste and we cannot understand why other people think/act differently - it can be shoes, cars, dinners, holidays, art or manners. Warning - this might turn into a confessional Grin

Chil1234 · 06/12/2010 14:44

Au contraire! Snobbery (a.k.a. 'judgy pants') is in constant display on MN. e.g. "AIBU to think that I should no longer send my DCs to play with my friend's DCs because I saw her in Aldi buying own-label orange squash!!!???!! I'm shocked and appalled!"

And inverse snobbery is also alive and in rude health on MN message boards. :) Many threads, reminiscent of the Monty Python 'We used to dream of living in a corridor' sketch, get particularly nasty with certain people anxious to point out how they are living 'real life' in the 'real world' and how anyone who isn't having the exact same miserable experience is somehow off with the fairies, a 'Tory git' or otherwise out of touch with reality.

StewieGriffinsMom · 06/12/2010 14:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

newwave · 06/12/2010 23:00

As said previously we are all a bit snobby about something, I will admit to mine being body image and clothes, shallow I know but who is perfect

TheCoalitionNeedsYou · 07/12/2010 13:09

I'm more and more convince that Gabby is a bot being used for research into random post generation.

MNHQ are allowing this to introduce an exciting random factor to the talkboards.

I have great hopes for Gabby 2.0 - this initial release seems like it should still be a beta.

scaryteacher · 07/12/2010 16:26

Especially a Beta when you read the post about snow on the Forces Sweethearts board. Why would we be bothered?

GabbyLoggon · 22/12/2010 12:52

I suppose posh children do tend to mix with others like themselves at mothers behest...or fathers

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