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Xmas Appeal for the Health of the World

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clouty · 05/12/2010 13:58

This subject is so important for our health, the health of our children and the human race. Apologies if it's in the wrong forum - mods please move if so.

I've had the neuro-immune disease, ME/CFS (Myalgic encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), since February 2009. It's been an exciting time in the history of the illness, with novel authoritative research (1,2) showing a link to the retrovirus XMRV which works in a similar way to HIV by disregulating the immune system and allowing normally latent and harmless viruses such as Herpes and Human Papilloma to cause chaos in our bodies. XMRV was first found in aggressive prostate cancers (3) and is thought to inhabit reproductive and brain tissue.

Medical research on ME has been starved of funds or buried since the 1980's when the looming AIDS epidemic was taking so much money and attention. After all, we don't die in a hurry like AIDS people. But our life expectancy is 25 years less than average (4), and of the 300 strong Incline Village outbreak cohort of CFS, 77 were found to have contracted Mantle Cell Leukemia. To put this in perspective, the normal occurrence is 0.015%. It was this fact that first set Judy Mikovits of the Whittemore Peterson Institute on the hunt for a pathogen, and XMRV was what she found (1). If I told you that XMRV seems to be in 3-7% (1,2 - USA figures) of the general population, while HIV is in 0.06% (USA, you will see what this delay has cost us already.

Now with the world wide web, it's harder to suppress information, and there are many active groups working to try to understand the relationships between XMRV, low natural killer cells, abnormal cytokine assays and damaged mitochondria, which are all found in ME. There are similarities with MND, Alzheimers, Autism and Multiple Sclerosis, all also neuro-immune conditions.

There have been many attempts to hang on to the current wisdom, that ME patients are neurotic, just "tired all the time" (I wish!) and that ME is a somataform disorder. Their attempts are laughable, with one study rushed out in three weeks flat (5,6), and given only four days for peer review. However, the XMRV deniers have the ear of the press, here in the UK, via the Science Media Centre, a department of the Royal Institution. There are a lot of vested interests intent on retaining the status quo. In the US these developments are scaring the insurance industry and the medical profession, but the American Red Cross has just put a lifetime ban on ME/CFS patients donating blood.

Since the October 2009 WPI Science study, the Institute has made six further grant applications. They have all been refused. They have a sheaf of privately funded studies and are struggling to get them accepted for publication. One of them looked at the incidence of XMRV in the UK, and I provided one of the samples. I am not allowed to publicise my status, so as not to prejudice eventual publication.

The WPI are in need of funds, in order to continue their valuable work and move forward to understanding the disease mechanisms and treatment options for people with ME/CFS. This Christmas, give a present to the world. Please donate to the WPI - their paypal donation page can be found here: The best present you can give this year is to enable the Whittemore Peterson Institute to continue their work of unravelling and understanding, and one day even curing Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, and possibly many other auto-immune diseases and sexual cancers.

  1. VC Lombardi, FW Ruscetti, J Das Gupta, MA Pfost, KS Hagen, DL Peterson, SK Ruscetti, RK Bagni, C Petrow-Sadowski, B Gold, M Dean, RH Silverman and JA Mikovits Detection of an Infectious Retrovirus, XMRV, in Blood Cells of Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Science 23 October 2009: Vol. 326 no. 5952 pp. 585-589 DOI: 10.1126/science.1179052

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  1. WM Switzer, H Jia , O Hohn , HQ Zheng, S Tang, A Shankar, N Bannert, G Simmons, RM Hendry, VR Falkenberg, WC Reeves and W Heneine: Absence of evidence of Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus-related virus infection in persons with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and healthy controls in the United States Retrovirology 2010, 7:57doi:10.1186/1742-4690-7-57

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clouty · 05/12/2010 15:39

I just wanted to add that the link is to a donation site which takes most cards and PayPal, and whatever you can afford however small could help add up to a better world to come for all of us!

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claig · 05/12/2010 15:46

hope you get better clouty. It is a good cause.

clouty · 06/12/2010 10:20

This isn't just for me. It's for you too. And your kids, and your parents. This affects everyone

If I told you that XMRV seems to be in 3-7% (1,2 - USA figures) of the general population, while HIV is in 0.06% (USA, you will see what this delay has cost us already.

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claig · 06/12/2010 10:31

I believe you. Where does XMRV come from? Was it around 50 years ago? Is it on the increase?

clouty · 09/12/2010 11:15

Hi Claig,
We don't know yet where or how XMRV originated, but there has been outbreaks of ME since the 1920's -

It is on the increase, that is for sure. There has been no action to contain the retroviral disease, despite research showing it to be linked to a retrovirus, since the 1980's.

Everyone I meet these days knows someone else with ME. The epidemic must be dealt with!

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