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MUMSNET mentioned on Any Questions?

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GabbyLoggon · 16/10/2010 10:38

Radio 4s Any Questions? political debate

BLOGS were being discussed and a politician
said one attracted the fiercest critics on MUMSNET

I thought that was a bit overstated. You?

PS The big eared BBC chap who does the sunday morning politics on TV had attacked bloggers

OP posts:
edam · 16/10/2010 10:40

What? Don't follow. Was bloke saying lots of MNers had criticised a blog? Which one?

claig · 16/10/2010 10:53

Andrew Marr had attacked bloggers, the usual media crap about blogs not being "real journalism", because these spinners are losing their audience and can't control the debate.

It was Ed Vaizey, he said the "most terrifying blog of all is Mumsnet ... you get eaten alive", and Dimbleby said "we had one of the owners of Mumsnet on the show, and she didn't eat anyone alive", and Vaizey said "you should see her when she is blogging"

about 38 minutes in

claig · 16/10/2010 11:18

Here are Marr's dismissive views of citizens who blog. Their rantings, "citizen jornalism", can't replace "journalism", he tells the citizens

But thank God for Channel 4, Krishnan has a much more respectful and democratic view of the great unwashed than the journalist, Marr, has

In defence of blogging masses

southeastastralbeing · 16/10/2010 11:18

mn isn't a blog is it? it's talk board?

i thought these people were educated? Wink

claig · 16/10/2010 11:24

'I thought these people were educated?'

I don't know about educated. They're certainly actors, but sometimes they mess up their lines and their mask slips. They call themselves "journalists".

ChileanMinerWife · 16/10/2010 11:26

ah well we all know about andrew marrs extra curricular activitites.

not someone who i respect at all

claig · 16/10/2010 11:43

Here is an article from the New Statesman, that shows Marr's "journalism" and its superiority to the citizens' rantings

How Andrew Marr got carried away

muminlondon · 16/10/2010 18:14

I've just listened to Any Questions. It was nauseatingly jokey - all pleased as punch at having a platform, while irritated by other people wanting to express their own opinions online. Ed Vaizey is especially annoyed that we don't reveal our names.

GrendelsMum · 16/10/2010 23:23

NOT very impressive not to know the difference between a blog and a discussion forum like MN.

interesting to note the similarities between journalists' fears of uncontrolled speech through blogs in the 21st century, and the establishments' fears of uncontrolled speech by radicals through pamphlets in the 17th century with the rise of cheap printing.

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