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Cameron on holiday. Skegness again?

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GabbyLoggon · 16/08/2010 11:14

seriously. David Cameron has gone on hols leaving deputy Nick in charge.

What with only 59 LibDem MPs? It sounds like a joke without a punchline.

Deputy Nick is speaking in city halls. Is he
coming near you?

OP posts:
LadyBlaBlah · 16/08/2010 22:36

I just hope we are not forced to endure a picture of him semi-naked

Has anyone else noticed his total lack of body hair, to the point that I would question whether he has actually ever shaved.

corns1lk · 16/08/2010 22:41

I'd imagine he has someone to do that for him.

walksfarwoman · 17/08/2010 04:41

(smile) Yeah I bet he's gone to Skegy where all the moral millionaires go

walksfarwoman · 17/08/2010 04:42


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