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Child Victim Support Please

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MumzeeWarrior · 20/09/2022 13:41

My own Labour MP Tonia Antoniazzi has said in Parliament that RAPE is seen by some as no longer a CRIME! What do you think that means? This is unacceptable. Rossie Duffield MP and J K Rowling (author) have had DEATH threats for speaking up for victims of abuse and stating the importance of Safe Spaces for birth girls and Women. This Parliament video proves the UK Police have failed BIRTH girls and women:


I am asking Mothers to watch and share this video of a Child Abuse Victim Louise Badman. She has been let down by our British Laws and Police. Her Story is horrific, anyone that cares about children will understand the importance of not allowing our Justice System to fail victims. We must protect our children and give them a safer and kinder world to live in. Please listen and share Louise Badman's true story:

Please sign Louise Bandman's petition for Justice to protect children:


When I tried to help save my daughters old School Field and Butterfly Meadow I found that teachers were gagged and threatened with the SACK if they tried to help our children. Imagine people in power using Tax Paid Services to stop employers from showing support. It is a disgrace. So I question are Female MPs in the same boat? We will find out. I was lucky enough to have had the support from Fairy Artist Josephine Wall and Actor Michael Sheen, so I do believe in Happy Endings.

I know this subject is hard and nobody wants to talk about child abuse. But by ignoring these issues we allow bad people to continue to promote child abuse and fail victims.

I know far too many victims of abuse. Good kind women who would not harm a fly. They have no life as they are drugged up on Mental Health Drugs. The drugs cause side effects. The memory of abuse never leaves them. Why should anyone get away with hurting a child and then destroying their whole life. It is cruel and immoral. Our Justice System needs to change. Will you help be that change?

I have written to my MP Tonia Antoniazzi MP to ask her to support Louise Badman. I need someone to write to Rossie Duffield MP in Canterbury to support Louise Badman. Please help, thank you!

Let us not forget the Male MPs that treat Female MPs with no respect. Those that watch P*rn in Parliament etc:

A Father is supposed to be a HERO. Someone a child can look up to. A protector. Fathers should also value the mothers of their child/children. Let us never forget what a FATHER is, and is not!

Matt Hancock MP failed his children and his wife. He also allowed the Whistleblower to be hunted and bullied, threatened with Court. This shows me just how corrupt and out of order these Elite Run Court and Justice Systems are. Whistleblowers deserve respect and protection.

Proof that Whistleblowers are penalised in the UK:
Child Victim Support Please
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