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Incel misogyny and terrorism needs to be taken seriously

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user1493889010 · 17/08/2021 13:09

Please sign and share:

As most people are aware by now, on the 12th August 2021 a man in Plymouth shot and killed six innocent people. This man was associated with the Incel 'movement.'

Incel stands for 'involuntarily celibate,' which on the surface seems harmless, if a little absurd. However, the men taking part express misogyny and an unfulfilled sense of entitlement to sex that they believe women are withholding from them.

Some Incels advocate violence against women and the men who are in relationships with them. They demonise women, dehumanise them, and advocate violence because of the perceived 'wrongs' of not being granted sexual access to women.

Legally, to be defined as a terrorist attack, it has to be considered ideological, religious, or political in motivation. This extreme form of hatred against women is ideological and the intentional use of violence to intimidate is characteristic of all terrorist groups.

Incels on these forums “are now celebrating this act describing the murderer as a hero, hoping these victims suffered and crucially talking about carrying out more acts of violence. If this had been any other form of extremism…would those websites still be up and easily accessible?” (Laura Bates 16.08.21)

The Plymouth attack was not the first terrorist attack linked to Incel groups and online misogyny. There have been 14 worldwide since since 2009. In Pittsburg in 2009 a man walked into an LA fitness and started firing bullets into a group of women taking an aerobics class because women wouldn’t give him sex. He was directly linked to Incel groups.

In 2014 a man associated with Incel groups stabbed three women to death in Portsmouth, England because women didn’t give men like him a chance.

The same year the Isla Vista killings were a series of terror attacks in California by a man well-known within the Incel movement who killed six people and injured fourteen others – by gunshot, stabbing and vehicle ramming – near the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

In 2018 , a man in Toronto after being radicalised online by Incel forums, took it upon himself to drive a van down two kilometres of pavement, killing ten people and injuring many more.

Only six days before the Plymouth attack in Tokyo on 6th August 2021 a man stabbed ten people on a train because he saw women ‘happy’ and wanted to kill them because he was angry he had suffered rejection in relationships.

The media has consistently failed to report the motivations of such attacks unlike other types of terrorism referring to the men who commit them simply as ‘lone-wolves’ or mentally ill.

This means we don’t view it as terrorism because it’s not described as such in the media, we don’t use words like radicalisation or link the attacks to these online hate groups.

Few links are drawn between the attackers or the ideologies they adhere to. Despite the fact most of the terrorists drew links themselves! Most left ‘manifestos’ or suicide notes explaining their motivations and links. Many of them ‘hailed’ the Incel terrorists that went before them and all either explicitly explained their motivations as a hatred of women or were active members of online misogynistic groups.

It's not a movement. It's terrorism. We, the undersigned, want it to stop, and are therefore petitioning the UK government to recognise any self-affirmed Incels as terrorists, or members of a hate group. We do not need another terror attack and more innocent lives lost before the government legislate to class the Incel movement as a terrorist ideology.

So like with all terrorist organisations the government can implement counterterrorism measures such as: keeping a record of individuals and organisations involved in terrorist activities, monitoring those who pose a potential threat and taking down websites that call for violence to prevent any horror like this happening again!

More information can be found below:
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Anotheruser02 · 17/08/2021 15:23

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Anotheruser02 · 17/08/2021 16:41

Why did my post get deleted?

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