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Government - Publish false positive and negative Covid-19 test data for Pillar 2

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MoleSmokes · 05/10/2020 09:40

Please sign and share this Petition on the Government web site.

It is impossible to estimate the likely prevalence of Covid-19 without knowing the predicted rates of false positives and negatives from Pillar 2 (Community) PCR Testing.

At the moment, all positive results are described as "cases", which is misleading enough in itself:

  • they are not "cases", ie. clinical diagnoses of Covid-19;

  • they are simply positive results from a screening test, only a fraction of which will indicate actual infection, possibly as low as 10% of all positive test results.

It has been suggested by many scientists that the rate of false positives may be as high as 90%.

However, Government has so far refused to publish the information needed to test this assumption.


"The Government should publish the false positive and negative test results data for PCR tests on Pillar 2 since the outbreak began, and include these results alongside the graphs and other data the government already publishes on our response to the Covid pandemic.

The data surrounding Pillar 2 testing is being used as the basis for imposing massive restrictions on liberty and society. Public scrutiny of this data must be facilitated."
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