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To ask you to sign this petition to help protect YouTube families

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InkedGreen · 12/09/2019 11:23

This needs to get 100k signatures to be debated in parliament. It's to help protect people like the saconejollys, Mrs meldrum and part time working Mummy. Trolls leave nasty comments on their videos that criticise everything from their looks to how good of parents they are.

You wouldn't get away with saying these things to people at work so the law needs to catch up to help protect YouTube and Instagram people that do it for a job.

OP posts:

FantasticPhyllis · 12/09/2019 12:20

Constantly insulting someone's parenting and looks is hateful but not protected by law

If it is constant then it would fall under harassment.


ScatteredMama82 · 12/09/2019 12:50

Perhaps if the SacconeJolys didn't give their toddler a cold shower as punishment for a poo accident, and Part Time Working Mummy would tell her followers what she's actually done with all the paypal donations she collected, people would be nicer to them. If they are going to behave that way, and broadcast for the world to see, then they can't really cry 'harassment' when people turn against them. If they hate it that much, stop broadcasting and live like a normal person.

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