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Help my friend fight the British Government

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marthanelly · 13/05/2017 18:59

Hello there,
I have been a silent reader of this forum for years and I was wondering if some of you could give me some ideas as to spread the word.

A very dear friends of mine, who has been in the UK legally for 11 years and worked and paid taxes, was due to apply for her permanent residency and the immigration firm that she hired to do that, singlehandedly ruined her immigration history and now she is being threatened to be detained and sent to prision for 6 maths and then deported from the UK ALL because of this law firm. Her life and friends are hère. She loves her adopted country.
She has never aksed for benefits, always respecter the laws and conditions of her visas et.

She is in legal proceedings now with this firm because she is about to lose everything that she has so hard worked for in here.

She has 2 post graduates degrees from the UK and now because of this, she is not allowed to rent, she had to stop working and she is literally on the streets.

The fees of a barrister are really high but she has to fight. She has invested too much in this country to be deported for something that it was nto her fault at all. This is a mess of enormous proportions where she has to take the government to court as well as the firm that ruined her life.

A couple of friends and I are thinking that we will set up a gofundme campaign to help her raise the money she needs to pay to the new firm.
can you give me an idea where we can share her story so people can help her out.

She is one of the nicest people I know and she really cannot accept donation for free so she could to translations from and to French, English and Spanish( she is a professional translator ), tutoring , language something.

We are in desperate need of people's help and I am trying to see where I can share hier story properly.

Any ideas would be great

Thank you !!!!!!

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