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Set statutory requirements for rehoming establishments to follow guidelines and Law's to follow in this Land

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LexiLawPetition2016 · 07/12/2016 07:25

My nieces family took on a dog from a rehoming centre. The dog had not been assessed properly, it had not been with other animals, it had not been with children, it had not spent a sufficient amount of time with the rehoming centre for them to understand its history and nor did it have many details of the animals previous life. It turned out that the previous owner had lied to tge dog warden. He feared for his children around the dog and it had attacked the other family pet.

We want to see a law passed that will set standards for the rehoming of dogs so that both the family and the dog are safe and happy with their new home. Education for potential owners also training for all staff. Dogs behaviourists on hand to help the dogs. Also introduce at kite mark for homes which follow guidelines.

Click on the link to sign our petition or If you'd like to learn more you can read about this on our facebook page Set Statutory Requirements & Laws For Rehoming Centres To Follow or by messaging me.

Lexi's life was taken too soon, please help us to ensure that tighter rules are put in place to stop this awful heartbreaking situation happen again

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