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Petition to help survivors of domestic abuse in Bristol

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Mehala · 31/12/2015 12:08

Hello all, and a happy new year to everyone.

I am a parent to the most amazing 18 month old boy. We currently live in a Safe House in Bristol after I was victim to Domestic Violence. We have been here for almost 6 months now and since being here I have met some amazing women and children that have been through some of the worst times.

The system is failing these families and keeping them from moving on to happy, safe, independent lives. Some women even choose to return to abuse as the lack of hope and help in rehousing is non existent right now.

I have set up a petition to Bristol City Council to address the issue. We currently don't get priority for rehousing and are left for up to and over a year in temporary, emergency accommodation. The longer we are stuck here.. The longer other women and children are stuck still within an abusive relationship. The sooner we can move on, the sooner the next person can be moved into safety. It can takes months to get into a safe house.. And years to move out. This is not good enough.

Please take a look and sign my petition to change the current banding for survivors of domestic abuse. This could literally save a life!

Thank you very much.

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