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New laws which can prosecute parents for not sending thier children in to school when they are poorly

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Rachelpeglerartistwifenmummy24 · 08/10/2015 09:58

Hi Guys i am the mum of a 16 year old who is very poorly at the moment, she was un diagnosed for 14 years but has been poorly every 3 to 4 weeks of her whole life, like other children with low immune systems sending her to school has always caused an immense amount of illness and hospital stays because she would catch cold after cold which then turned in to pneumonia. she is to unwell to be in school anymore but still catches viruses from her siblings who are at school, i have a group of around 1800 people on face book now who have children / relatives with the same condition. The health secretary has bought in some hideous new laws with regards to attendance, thus forcing parents to take their unwell children in to school for fear of prosecution, i have had many conversations over the years with attendance officers because if Molly catches a cold she would literally be of of school for 3 to 4 weeks, i know this sounds extreme but if you are a parent and your child is unwell you are now almost forced to send that child in due to the 3 day rule, this rule does not have any variation or allowance. not only is it unfair to parents full stop it is unfair and discriminating to children with special health needs and disabled children with low immune systems, this law is making it so hard for us because there are now even more bugs flying around. please help me change this law, im not asking for it to be abolished but it needs to change because we do not live in a communist country and should be able to parent our children in the way we think is right, sending my child in to school unwell is not right. Thanks so much for reading and please consider signing this
Dear admin im sorry if im not allowed to post this petition please contact me if it is a problem many thanks
R x

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