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Lets help our Boys and Girls feel equal through play

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JuicySince1978 · 25/11/2014 18:59

HI All

I appreciate i am not a regular here but was told that you lot are awesome at creating change by one of the MumsNet Staff who advised me to post my petition in this section to gain your support, so here i am.

My petition objective outlines it all on the page; why...? what..? who...? how..? :)

I hope you will grab a cuppa and read it, have a think (if you are not instantly convinced to leave your signature) and feel free to let me know what your thoughts?

Also if you are a blogger or Vlogger please feel free to debate this topic and promote on my behalf I would love to feel as though us parents came together to create a more gender equal society for our kids as a collective instead of separately.. :(

If you dont want to sign thats ok, maybe you could pass it on to other parents you know who may feel the same as I do.

Thank you for your time as I know you are all 'busybees' and Supermums/carers :)


Lets help our Boys and Girls feel equal through play
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