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Petition to end compulsory worship in schools

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LichtenA · 26/08/2014 14:30

There's currently a petition calling on the political parties to end the legal requirement on schools to hold a daily act of Christian worship.

Since 1944 all state funded schools (including non-faith schools) have been required to hold a daily act of (usually) predominantly Christian worship in which children are required to "take part".

The law is widely ignored and comes as a surprise to many parents where it is enforced. The rights to withdraw are often unsatisfactory to parents who don't want their children singled out or to have their school day disrupted.

If your child is starting school this September this may be their first encounter with religion. As part of their state education some will be compelled to put their hands together and pray to a God they may have little or no concept of.

The National Secular Society have started the petition and are able to advise parents, pupils and teachers of any faith or none, who are experiencing problems as a result of the law.

Sign the petition

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