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Please support my mum and baby brother, trapped in Dubai.

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rab1010 · 24/01/2014 02:14

Hello everyone,

I'm writing to help my mum get some support for a campaign that I am trying to run to secure her freedom.

My name is Rabbhi, I am a 26 y/old graduate living in London and right now my mum and baby brother are trapped in Dubai. They have been stuck there for over 3 years. In October 2013 my mums son was snatched from her and she hasn't seen him since. She's spent every day with him since he was born.

My mother was the victim of domestic violence from her (now) ex husband, a French expatriate whom she married and moved to Dubai to be with. Shortly after their marriage he started to abuse her physically and emotionally. I was there to witness some of it and since then it has been an absolute nightmare for my family. We've lost almost everything trying to battle a system that is entirely prejudiced towards women and does not recognize violence against women.

Right now I am trying to raise awareness, in any way I can to help secure their freedom. My mum is mired in web of false cases instigated by her husband who is using Dubai's archaic and incredibly prejudiced sharia law to persecute my mum .

Some articles have been published in the past few days highlighting my mothers plight. Please see these links: - Huffington Post - Telegraph

I am trying to do everything I can to help my mum get justice, get her son back, and hopefully return rightfully to the UK.

This is a long shot but I really hope you can get invovled and support our cause. I tweet alot about it ( and am hopeful that social media and online action can force the UK government to actually step up and do the right thing.

If you have any suggestions (I'm new to this entirely!) I can be contacted on [email protected]

Please help me get my family home.

Thanks in advance for your support.

OP posts:

rab1010 · 14/02/2014 00:27

thank u all SO much, I cannot keep saying this enough. I actually feel bad that I only ever log in here at night to respond (just so swamped juggling campaigning and the day job!!).

I really value all the messages, kind words, signatures , and awareness raising from you all. I am touched and I actually told mum that we have quite a following on MN...She shed some tears but it makes us know that we are not along when for 3 years it felt like that.

Please continue to share and tweet etc.

New press release issues - she was found GUILTY today and she was denied a fair trial. Shocking and scary.

This article in the guardian :

Please follow me on Twitter:

I am just trying my best and I hope that you can get behind us and help fight the battle!

Thank u all so much.

OP posts:

Jinsei · 14/02/2014 00:58

I'm so sorry for what you and your family are going through. I've signed the petition. Best of luck with the campaign.


Dressingdown1 · 14/02/2014 01:11

This is a shocking situation, I hope you can persuade the fco to help.


tribpot · 14/02/2014 07:32

So glad she has avoided prison on this charge, rab1010, but how dreadful that she will be imprisoned if her ex-husband makes any kind of complaint against her. Just so wrong.

Please keep putting pressure on the FCO. Would the French embassy get involved on behalf of your brother?

Have you approached any of the tabloids to see if they would cover the story?


SanityClause · 14/02/2014 07:34


Come on, MNers, please sign the Avaaz petition!


Bicnod · 14/02/2014 07:41

Signed and tweeted.


Eastpoint · 14/02/2014 07:52



fideline · 14/02/2014 07:57

So have MN agreed to promote yet?


eastendfareast · 14/02/2014 08:27

Signed. All the best to your mum, I really hope that she is able to be reunited with her son. You are doing an amazing job in supporting her Smile


RockinHippy · 14/02/2014 08:44

Glad she avoided prison too, but its still not right & even less so our government aren't helping your mum, when others have stepped in, in similar curcumstances & its made a dufference.

I will keep on sharing it to make sure its seen & I'm going to post it on our PTA board too, I know I've had friends sign & share it already on FB but will keep on plugging it until more do

Can we all report it & keep on bugging MNHQ to get this a higher profile

Good luck Rab you are not alone in this & you will get there in the end



shockedballoon · 14/02/2014 09:18


Horrendous situation - my heart goes out to your mum and family.


sj73 · 14/02/2014 09:39

Signed and shared. This is just awful. I have everything crossed that this will have a good outcome.


UnionofMultitaskers · 14/02/2014 09:49



Discogeek · 14/02/2014 09:59

Signed and shared. I hope we can put some pressure on to get something done for your mum. thinking of you all Thanks


aimingforthesky · 14/02/2014 10:13

Signed and shared.


Fishlegs · 14/02/2014 10:28

Signed. I'm so sorry about what's happening to your mum. Hope it all works out.


Reluctant2ndtimer · 14/02/2014 11:02

Signed and shared. I've read about your mum and the terrible situation she is in. I so hope things work out. You really are a great credit to her. Best of luck to you all.


RockinHippy · 14/02/2014 11:45

MNHQ Have replied to my "reporting this" with a nit saying that they can't make it topic of the day, not sure why TBH

BUT they have retweeted it to their 80k plus twitter followers, hopefully that will go someway to at least getting the signatures you need xx


RockinHippy · 14/02/2014 11:45

Note, not nit - doh


livenlet · 14/02/2014 12:51



Bitzer · 14/02/2014 12:58

Just signed - well done for all your hard work


rab1010 · 14/02/2014 17:08

Thank u all so much

It is a shame MNHQ can;t feature but I guess they have tons of requests.

Please do follow me on Twitter- If I amass enough tweeters then hopefully Foreign Office will be forced into action - it is upsetting and confusing to say the least as to why they have not done much so far. I think it is all to do with trade and perhaps the fact that my mother has been mired in such a web of cases. Very easy to do in the UAE.

We were on the BBC :
My twitter:

I am so appreciate for all the support, signatures and messages.

Thanks :)

OP posts:

SquidgyMummy · 14/02/2014 17:40

Have just signed and also shared on Facebook.

I also had a thought, Catherine Meyer the wife of the former Ambassador to the US had her children abducted by her German husband. I am not sure how you can contact her, although she has an organization to do with abducted children.

She is high profile and also has the practical experience.

Perhaps some other mumsnetters may have an idea how to get in touch with her. I will try and figure something out too.

Good luck!


Imwoodword · 14/02/2014 17:44

Signed and shared on FB. Good luck to you


SquidgyMummy · 14/02/2014 17:46

Here is the website of the charity set up by Catherine Meyer.

The contact details for media enquiries as per the site are:

Media enquiries:

Tel: + 44 (0) 207 300 6342 / 07500 975517
[email protected]

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