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Please support my mum and baby brother, trapped in Dubai.

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rab1010 · 24/01/2014 02:14

Hello everyone,

I'm writing to help my mum get some support for a campaign that I am trying to run to secure her freedom.

My name is Rabbhi, I am a 26 y/old graduate living in London and right now my mum and baby brother are trapped in Dubai. They have been stuck there for over 3 years. In October 2013 my mums son was snatched from her and she hasn't seen him since. She's spent every day with him since he was born.

My mother was the victim of domestic violence from her (now) ex husband, a French expatriate whom she married and moved to Dubai to be with. Shortly after their marriage he started to abuse her physically and emotionally. I was there to witness some of it and since then it has been an absolute nightmare for my family. We've lost almost everything trying to battle a system that is entirely prejudiced towards women and does not recognize violence against women.

Right now I am trying to raise awareness, in any way I can to help secure their freedom. My mum is mired in web of false cases instigated by her husband who is using Dubai's archaic and incredibly prejudiced sharia law to persecute my mum .

Some articles have been published in the past few days highlighting my mothers plight. Please see these links: - Huffington Post - Telegraph

I am trying to do everything I can to help my mum get justice, get her son back, and hopefully return rightfully to the UK.

This is a long shot but I really hope you can get invovled and support our cause. I tweet alot about it ( and am hopeful that social media and online action can force the UK government to actually step up and do the right thing.

If you have any suggestions (I'm new to this entirely!) I can be contacted on [email protected]

Please help me get my family home.

Thanks in advance for your support.

OP posts:

rab1010 · 12/02/2014 15:53

Oh and btw, Louis is a dual British and French national.

His father refused my mum to register him at the British Embassy so he does not hold a Brit passport- that was part of the DV and psychological control that we are trying to tell people about. She was trapped with him for many years.

OP posts:

duchesse · 12/02/2014 17:49



fideline · 12/02/2014 19:27

Unapologetic bump


TheXxed · 12/02/2014 19:37

Just signed


HeartShapedBox · 12/02/2014 22:23

another wee bump Smile


InTheRedCorner · 12/02/2014 22:28

I also heard you on LBC radio. I have reported your post to MNHQ and hope they can help back you.


rab1010 · 12/02/2014 22:30

thank u all for bumping. pls tell people about this thread! Mumsnet told me they may promote depending on the interest this thread garners!

Please read the latest press article about my mums terrifying day in court. She is being silenced and criminalised just for being a DV victim.

In the Guardian today:

Human Rights group state this is "outrageous"

My heartfelt thanks to u all for support

OP posts:

jennylindinha · 12/02/2014 22:34

Signed. This is just awful :(
I hope you get the support you need to help your Mum and brother and that she gets a fair hearing.


Gemdar · 12/02/2014 22:51

Shocking! Hoping for you


AnyaKnowIt · 12/02/2014 22:55



PuggyMum · 12/02/2014 22:56

Signed and shared on my Facebook. I'm praying you and your family will get through this x


BiscuitMillionaire · 12/02/2014 23:01

I've signed the petition on Avaaz.

There are some Mumsnetters in Dubai - post in Living Overseas section - they might be able to support her in some practical way.


Dromedary · 12/02/2014 23:04

Terrible place to be a woman.


rab1010 · 12/02/2014 23:16

thank u all :)

OP posts:

threeleftfeet · 13/02/2014 01:38

Signed and shared to Facebook.


ChaircatMiaow · 13/02/2014 01:49

Bump Smile


fideline · 13/02/2014 06:14

I am astonished this isn't getting more media attention.

Have started a thread in AIBU here


mercibucket · 13/02/2014 06:41

good luck
i have read about your mum and brother. it is awful. i hope you can get them both home


caramelwaffle · 13/02/2014 06:50



fideline · 13/02/2014 07:21

Another unabashed bump


CuriosityCola · 13/02/2014 07:26

Bump. Good luck.


HaPPy8 · 13/02/2014 07:32

Mumsnet MAY promote? Whats that about? Come on Mumsnet help this poor woman!!!


VivaLeBeaver · 13/02/2014 07:40

Have shared on FB. Feel so sorry for your mum and brother.


TickleMyTitsTillFriday · 13/02/2014 07:51

Signed. Good luck


SteveBrucesNose · 13/02/2014 08:13

Just letting you know there's a lot of support amongst the Brit expats here, although not much awareness until this last week.

Thinking of you xxxx

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