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Ridiculously over-complicated sentences

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Fink · 27/05/2010 09:42

Does anyone else find themselves talking to babies in really complicated sentence structures? Yesterday, I caught myself using 'in order that' and 'viz.' in one sentence when describing the process of hanging out the washing to dd

BTW, misuse & overuse of reflexive pronouns really bugs me too, so as I was clearly heading that way in this post, I feel it may be time to stop typing and get a life!

OP posts:
pollymere · 27/05/2010 10:01

My four year old has an amazing vocab that can only be attributed to us having used long words when she was a baby. I think babies pick up meanings of all words not just the random noun or verb....and she was talking in sentences about six months too early!

Plumm · 01/06/2010 17:18

I've always used proper sentences and words with DD (4)and she speaks the same way (she told me last week she likes yolk but not albumen).

suitejudyblue · 01/06/2010 17:33

I've had discussions about this on here in the past. I have no background in how children learn to talk but I can't see how using what are considered to be more "difficult" words makes any difference to the child.
If I always use a more esoteric word (can't think of an example just at the moment) rather than a simple one provided it doesn't have 3 times as many syllables my DC will learn it just like any other word, he doesn't know that everyone else will think its posh/pretentious or whatever.
Pollymere and Plumm are right, the children will speak as the parents do, both for good and bad.

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