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You're and your

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Species8472 · 10/05/2010 10:57

This is driving me mad. Is anyone else noticing that more people are starting to use 'you're' when it should actually be 'your'??

I did a stupid quiz on Facebook recently and every time there should have been a 'your' it was 'you're'! It's as if the message has been received about not using your to mean you are, so now they think it should be you're instead.

I love pedantry! I really miss it now being a SAHM as there was a great bunch of fellow-pedants in my office.

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GoldenSnitch · 10/05/2010 19:33

If you're on Facebook, you might like this group

Species8472 · 10/05/2010 20:27

Goldensnitch - thanks, that's great!

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