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Excuse me?

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IDemosthenes · 06/05/2010 17:53

Is it
"excuse me"

"excuse me please"?

OP posts:
IDemosthenes · 06/05/2010 20:48

oh i guess you are still all too busy with the election

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differentID · 06/05/2010 20:51

It depends on how annoyed I am tbh.

Usually it starts with "excuse me please", then followed by "Excuse me" and finished by "I need to get past" as I walk through the party of 15 blocking a doorway.

IDemosthenes · 06/05/2010 21:04

So, if it is just a polite 'excuse me' with no irritation involved, should it have a 'please?' on the end of it, for politeness sake, or is 'excuse me' polite itself? ie, could have said 'move' instead?

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NetworkGuy · 07/05/2010 10:23

I say just "Excuse me" when someone should know they're in the way.

Don't remember getting annoyed enough to be giving a blunt "Move", but I perhaps have a less stressful life.

IDemosthenes · 07/05/2010 12:56

I am asking because, if I am in DHs way for some reason and he wants me to move, he says 'excuse me' and I always add 'please' to it. He says he does not need to say please, as 'excuse me' is, in itself, polite. I have always been taught to say 'please'. This debate has been going on for a long time, so finally I said I would ask the 'Oracle' (or the witches as he refers to you all )

OP posts:
NetworkGuy · 07/05/2010 18:56

In that case, wait a week, and post again.

I am sure we'd all consider it "polite" to say "excuse me, please" and rude or blunt to just say "excuse me".

DaisymooSteiner · 07/05/2010 19:00

I agree with your dh. I don't think it's incorrect to say 'please' at the end, but I personally find it unnecessary and overly deferential.

skiari · 11/06/2010 19:18

"Excuse me" is polite enough, but only if you actually sound as though you would like to be excused for asking someone to move, and not in an irritated way or as if you are giving orders.

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