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coin a phrase

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lifeissweet · 24/04/2010 20:33

I am so sad and lacking in a life that this has been bothering me since the election debate on Thursday.

Nick Clegg said: "to coin a phrase, size does matter"

No, no, no. If you coin a phrase, you invent it.

There. I have said it to fellow pedants. I can now relax.

I do not need a response to this OP. I just needed to let it go.

Thank you.

OP posts:
scurryfunge · 24/04/2010 20:35


bluecardi · 24/04/2010 20:35

calm... deep soothing breaths

sungirltan · 24/04/2010 20:36

we could have a thread about other expressions that don't make sense if you like....:-)

lifeissweet · 24/04/2010 20:39

I really am fine now. Thanks

OP posts:
paisleyleaf · 24/04/2010 20:39

Did he 'coin' it though?
I've heard "size doesn't matter"

WingedVictory · 25/04/2010 09:53

Perhaps he was being ironic, pointing out that he was not coining the phrase. Self-deprecation.

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