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Quattrocento · 29/03/2010 11:39

My children bafflingly shriek "owned" whenever anyone retorts.

What is "owned" in this sense? How can I own my daughter (as DS triumphantly proclaimed last week)? It doesn't sound legal.
Can "ownership" change during the course of a conversation?

What happens with pre-owned people? How do they get to break their chains of bondage?

Seriously, I do want to know ...

OP posts:
BigBadMummy · 29/03/2010 11:44

See this

I guess it is the first one in your instance!

Poledra · 29/03/2010 11:44

I believe the old term for it was 'slavery'......

TheCatAteMyGymsuit · 29/03/2010 11:45

I'm sure it originated as a poker expression, but could be wrong; perhaps it's generic gaming-speak? (am afraid I like it and use it rather a lot).

Quattrocento · 29/03/2010 11:48

I did think it was some form of slavery and wondered what I should do now that I apparently own my DD.

THanks for the link, btw. It's useful

Still don't understand when the period of ownership ends. Or how.

OP posts:
CaptainNancy · 29/03/2010 13:26

This has a better explanation.

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