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PhONEday - Fifteenth Anniversary

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cattj · 09/03/2010 02:52

In a little over a month from now, it will be the fifteenth anniversary of PhONEday which happened in April 1995.

This was the time when multiple changes were made to area codes in the UK telephone numbering system, mostly to accommodate more numbering capacity in various cities.

This was the time when Leeds did not change to the 01132 or 01133 area code.

It was also the time when Sheffield did not change to the 01142 or 01143 area code.

On the same day, Nottingham did not change to the 01159 or 01158 area code.

Likewise Leicester did not change to the 01162 or 01163 area code.

Bristol did not change to the 01179 or 01173 area code.

Since none of those things happened, how come so many fuckwits on radio and TV, and in advertising and PR, still say and write their telephone numbers as if that is exactly what happened?

They have had fifteen whole years to get it right.

Reading changed in 1998, but it wasn't to the 01189 or 01183 area code.

All UK telephone numbers beginning 011x are written: (011x) xxx xxxx.

If it's for someone abroad, use this format: +44 11x xxx xxxx instead.

Why is that so difficult for so many people to comprehend?

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thumbwitch · 09/03/2010 02:54

that's quite funny, cattj - I've just replied to your other thread with the Reading code as an example!

Are you on a one-person mission to correct the misapprehensions of the telephoning public?

cattj · 22/04/2010 11:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

cattj · 22/04/2010 13:20

The anniversary was on April 16th. We are now over the fifteen year mark.

Shame that so many people have still never heard of it.

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