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Scotland's happy family that makes every family happy.

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EccentricaGallumbits · 17/02/2010 21:30

Is this wrong?

It doesn't sound right.

OP posts:
mawbroon · 17/02/2010 21:42

Sounds ok to me.

It being my family of course.

bethjeff · 19/02/2010 00:06

Is it just me or has Daphne been on that bloody diet an awfy long time?

jasper · 19/02/2010 00:17

Daphne once stood on a set of speak your weight scales and it said 'ONE AT A TIME PLEASE'

jasper · 19/02/2010 00:17

another time she weighed herself and said "Help ma boab. Hauf a ton!"

mawbroon · 19/02/2010 10:00


hocuspontas · 19/02/2010 10:04

It does sound a bit clumsy. How about Scotland's happy family who make every family happy? Is that better?

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