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In principal or in principle?

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StealthPolarBear · 14/02/2010 17:17

I think it's -ple but have a feeling I have realised I am wrong in the past.
Thanks for any help!

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SleepingLion · 14/02/2010 17:17


PestoSnowMonster · 14/02/2010 17:17

in principle

StealthPolarBear · 14/02/2010 17:19

oh good, I was right, thanks

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ShowOfHands · 14/02/2010 17:20

Principal: noun meaning 'most important' or adjective meaning 'ranking most in importance'.

Principle: only ever a noun and refers to a standard.

So yes, in principle.

Bucharest · 14/02/2010 17:23

I always remember by going back to what Kevin (in We Need to talk about)'s head teacher said to him when he was being bullied....the principal of the school is your PAL.

but easy to remember!

StealthPolarBear · 15/02/2010 12:10

yes, do know that one, but still manage to get confused

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