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The Ryvita ad, "for ladies THAT crunch"...

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squeaver · 09/02/2010 21:51

I know that "that" and "who" are both relative pronouns, but it just seems wrong to me.

What do you think, wise ones?

OP posts:
squeaver · 09/02/2010 21:51

Oh and I know the ad is patronising tosh, by the way.

OP posts:
BeckyBook · 14/02/2010 13:30

Squeaver this is one of my most hated things. And it seems to be generally accepted as correct! So often I hear people say things like, 'my friends that don't work', or 'people that eat vegetables' and it drives me nuts. It's people WHO and things THAT.
I feel better now.

bruceb · 15/02/2010 10:23

Hmmm....shouldn't it be people WHO and things WHICH?

That is only really colloquial imo.

bruceb · 15/02/2010 10:32

.........but that might be complete rubbish....

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