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Shall and will - can someone explain?

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TheFallenMadonna · 17/01/2010 14:26

What is the difference between these two?

I will do such-and-such

I shall do so-and-so.

When would you use 'shall'? What's the difference?

I am curious.

OP posts:
ande · 17/01/2010 16:52

The ususal rule given for the use of shall and will is that where the meaning is of simple futurity: shall is usd for the first person of the verb and will for the second and the third:- I shall go tommorow; they will be there now. Where the meaning involves a command, obligation, or determination, the positions are reversed :- It shall be done, I will definitely go. However, shall has come to be largely neglected in favour of will.

cattj · 20/01/2010 10:04

Continued in...

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