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just need to vent ....

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mimsum · 17/01/2010 12:43

it's 'a lot' not 'alot'

now I've written it down here, the temptation to add it to several other threads will die down (I hope) ....

OP posts:
OMGIcantbelieveit · 17/01/2010 17:32

in a similar vain - what is right "incase" or "in case". Or, indeed, "infront" + no preposition or "in front of"? The former(s) bother me a great deal, but my brain has no grammatical rule to hang its botheration on.

PrincessFiorimonde · 19/01/2010 15:21

Don't think I've ever seen 'in case' as one word. Or 'in front' without being followed by 'of'.

Maybe I've just led a very sheltered life ...

Habbibu · 19/01/2010 15:24

Are they not just typos? Easily done. And OMG, as it's pedants' corner - "vein"?

sasamaxx · 20/01/2010 09:59

I'm asking a pacific question - I might of known! lol

OMGIcantbelieveit · 20/01/2010 18:49

the events I described weren't typos... my vainty was again

bruceb · 07/02/2010 16:25

hehehe @ sasa...

cattj · 15/02/2010 11:06

""According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, each year an incredible 200,000 people are emitted to hospital because of DIY accidents.""

aseaandthreestars · 15/02/2010 16:43

I hope the vent helped.

I've read so many posts with 'alot' that when I read one with an 'a lot' I found myself thinking that it didn't look right.

My brain is being broken and I'll end up forgetting what 'lose' means as I never see these days.

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