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Could DD2 be the youngest pedant ever?

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Cananymotherhelpme · 11/12/2009 00:08

Bedtime story time, DD2, 3 yo, chooses a little book about Mog the cat.
We settle down and I read out the title:
Me: 'Mog and Me'
DD2: Mog and I

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Lexilicious · 11/12/2009 00:22

Errrr. If the book is part of a series like (Mog and) I go to the beach, (Mog and) I go swimming, then Mog and I are the subjects of the sentence and 'I' is correct.
If the book is simply about (Mog and) Me then we are the objects of the verb so 'Me' is correct.

I am shuddering a little from having written "I is correct" and "Me is correct" and I have to do it in an Ali G voice or I will implode.

Lexilicious · 11/12/2009 00:22

spot on for knowing there's a difference at 3yo

sorry if above is a bit cats bum.

Cananymotherhelpme · 11/12/2009 00:27

[*](cat's bum emoticon)

Am surprised '...and me' is correct. Thought that was wrong however you looked at it.

I shall tell DD2 tomorrow...

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