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Super instead of very

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MarmMummy · 25/11/2009 13:32

Please could someone tell me why I have stopped saying very and seem to be saying super?!

In our house we now seem to be 'super busy', 'super tired' etc

Have I turned into an over excited mummy of two children, are my American/Canadian NCT friends to blame, or have I just lost the plot?

OP posts:
KERALA1 · 25/11/2009 13:34

Oh my god are you me? I have found this over the last few days - "super fast walking" "super quick" etc. I am annoying myself. Maybe there is some "super" virus going around causing it as I dont hang around with Canadians anymore since we moved so can't even blame them.

shonaspurtle · 25/11/2009 13:36

Or you're just using a shortened version of the word superlatively.

Tis very American thought isn't it? I blame tv

Iklboo · 25/11/2009 13:46

I use 'f*cking' instead - gets me point across better

Heathcliffscathy · 25/11/2009 13:46


SoupDragon · 25/11/2009 13:48

f*ckingcallafragalisticexpialidocious doesn't have quite the same ring to it though, does it?

pofacedandproud · 25/11/2009 13:49

Sophable? Where have you been woman? Good to see you. Super is American surely. You'll be saying 'neat' next.

MrsBadger · 25/11/2009 13:49

this has been happening since about 1870 - things, esp clothes, are described as 'superfine' in novels of the Little Women era

stickylittlefingers · 25/11/2009 13:58

Totally! Super-totally! Über all over the place also gets my goat.

It's like the ever-growing number of blades on a gillette razor. Eventually it'll all just get too much and we'll revert to one blade, and just being busy, happy or whatever it was.

Heathcliffscathy · 25/11/2009 18:43

pofaced. who are you?

i know i know loads of people and they've all got new names and i don't know who they are!!!

pofacedandproud · 25/11/2009 19:59

I used to begin with r and end with y.

Heathcliffscathy · 25/11/2009 21:21

ahhhhh! hello!!!!

pofacedandproud · 25/11/2009 22:15

I thought you'd gone forever. Glad you haven't. [apologies for super-hijack.]

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