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I really want to buy something, but it's described as ...

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bran · 06/11/2009 19:42

"much sort after". It's really quite an attractive wallet, and useful, but do they deserve my business if they can't proof-read?

OP posts:
KnickKnack · 06/11/2009 19:44

Maybe the proof reader is a 6yr old phonetic reader

KnickKnack · 06/11/2009 19:45

obviously with some kinda weird accent!

bran · 06/11/2009 20:21

I think I should just go ahead and buy it. My old one is on its last legs, and it's not as though I'm always free of grammatical errors.

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolatecookie · 06/11/2009 20:22

Yes, bid, but be sure to send them a copy and pastable version of your address or they'll deliver it to the nearest Barn.

fruitshootsandheaves · 06/11/2009 20:22

contact them and politely point it out, maybe they'll offer you a discount!

TigerLightsitandscarpers · 06/11/2009 20:24

No, every time you use it, you'll cringe in memory of the mangled language. And anyway, you have to have a bright coloured wallet, otherwise you (one that is) can't see it in your bag.

bran · 06/11/2009 21:14

Good point Tiger, they do it in other colours too, I might go for silver. The lining of my handbag isn't black though, so black would probably be ok.

I'm good at blocking unpleasant memories, so I probably won't cringe at the memory of the description.

Fruitshoots, they wouldn't give me a discount. They would do this and tell me I'm too old and boring to buy from them.

OP posts:
pingviner · 08/11/2009 23:25

Isn't it just the continuation of an intrusive R
as in some of the southern english accents
eg 'sor' for saw
'wors' for was
'sort' for sought?

Im afraid it would taint the wallet for me forever...

LadyGlencoraPalliser · 16/11/2009 13:58

There was a notebook in WH Smith that I quite wanted to buy recently, but printed on the front in large letters was the legend Jotta, which completely put me off. The corruption of words end in "er" to "a" has reached epidemic proportions of late.

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