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plural of bogey - snot not goblin, golf or train

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indignatio · 27/09/2009 19:58

Please advise - parents unwilling to steer small child in an incorrect direction - but cannot agree on correct spelling.

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 27/09/2009 20:02

Bogies of course.

indignatio · 27/09/2009 20:06

monkey ? donkey ? Honey... ?

OP posts:
Habbibu · 27/09/2009 20:07

Hmm. Well, it could be a count or mass noun, surely? Though prob one from each nostril would require a plural.

ChunkyKitKat · 27/09/2009 20:13

Bogeys? Bogies?

I agree with Whomovedmychocolate, it is bogies.

whomovedmychocolate · 27/09/2009 20:18

Actually I think it's bogeys too now.

Of course 'snot' is both singular and plural and easier to spell

indignatio · 27/09/2009 20:32

The plural of bogey is now in the sentence - I'm sure other peoples childrenn would have come up with a nicer sentence for "unpick", but my child didn't - so I still vote for bogeys

OP posts:
indignatio · 28/09/2009 09:22

Shameless bump

OP posts:
mmrsceptic · 28/09/2009 09:28


MrsBadger · 28/09/2009 09:39

it's a count noun
the mass noun in this situation is 'snot'

they are not interchangeable though

I go for bogeys, (like monkeys, not like hankies)

Pyrocanthus · 03/10/2009 19:54

I think I'd go for bogeys, as it were, but I suspect I've never written it down before...

RealityBites · 03/10/2009 20:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

tearinghairout · 05/10/2009 15:54

No, bogeys sounds like trains, off in the USA or somewhere. It's bogies. Isn't it?

But I do like mmrsceptic's Bogi. As in Magi.

notunique · 09/10/2009 20:58

Why would you ever need to use the plural of bogey? If following the English language logic, then it would be as Indinatio and WMMC said.

However, I think it would be like trying to find the plural of sand or water.

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