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Oh dear, no going back now...

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MrsBadger · 15/09/2009 11:47

They've just changed the role play area at dd's nursery from a travel agent to a greengrocer, complete with lots of new posters and signs advertising (eg) Oranges, Yellow Lemons, Fresh Sprouts and

Green Pea's

I was hanging about waiting for dd to finish her vitally important sandpit-related project and spent ten minutes dithering, then, realising it was only blue-tacked to the wall, I couldn't take it any more. I peeled it off, handed it to one of the staff saying 'Oh, can I give this to you to take the apostrophe out?', grabbed dd and ran.

I am sure I now have a black mark against my name as Freakish Grammatical Parent...

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kittywise · 15/09/2009 11:48

It drives me mad too.

I know the kids in a nursery can't read BUT........... honestly

MrsBadger · 15/09/2009 11:57

to be fair she has been there 18m and this is the first time I've had to do it

I suppose I should count myself lucky...

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