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Dear Boots the Chemist

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SweetestThing · 16/08/2009 11:15

The plural of "mascara" is not "mascara's" and you ask people not to look in the DRAWERS, not DRAWS.

I thank you.

OP posts:
StinkyFart · 16/08/2009 11:18
cattj · 16/08/2009 17:18

People do try looking in draws quite often, but they're likely to get a slapped wrist.

hocuspontas · 16/08/2009 17:53

I always feel slightly queasy looking at 'Boots'. The founder was Jesse Boot so it should be Boot's.

PrincessToadstool · 16/08/2009 17:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TsarChasm · 16/08/2009 18:01

There was a double page advert in the paper last week by (I think) New Look. It must have cost a few quid to publish and went along the lines of:

Sale now on. Shirts £15 was £25. Shoes £30 was £20.

SweetestThing · 17/08/2009 16:39

Reply received today - first paragraph copied below.

Thank you for contacting us about your recent experience in our Crawley store. I am sorry to hear your disappointed with the wording and grammer used in a number of displays within the store and you do have my apologies for this.

OP posts:
cattj · 17/08/2009 20:47

The irony is killing me.

You have to respond and point out the error.

SweetestThing · 17/08/2009 20:51

I found another couple of mistakes when I read further! I'm going to highlight them all and send it back, pointing out the irony level is quite considerable

OP posts:
TheDailyMailHatesWomenAndLemon · 17/08/2009 20:54

At least they said "Thank you" rather than "Thankyou". So there is some hope...

Spacehoppa · 17/08/2009 20:57

This isn't so much pedantry as just silliness.

Sign in local market 'Womens bottoms £5'

Petronius · 17/08/2009 20:58

Boots giving away worthless therapies

GrimmaTheNome · 17/08/2009 21:01

How can it be 3 for 2 and complimentary?

BertieBotts · 17/08/2009 21:03

Our local Tesco express has a whole section: Healthy & Beauty. It's been like that for years!

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