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Ok I should know this but it's got me confused.

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sparkybabe · 27/05/2009 10:23

On my drive to work I drive up St Mary's Close and into Anthonys Close. One has an apostrophe and the other hasn't.


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senua · 27/05/2009 10:47

Are the streetsigns from different time periods? Is St Mary's from older, more pedantic times and Anthonys a modern aberration?

Are these signs in Birmingham perchance?

AMumInScotland · 27/05/2009 10:57

Perhaps the Anthonys were a family, and the Close is named after them, rather than a specific Anthony? That would mean it ought to be Anthonys' Close, but I can see why they might just skip the apostrophe there.

PuppyMonkey · 27/05/2009 10:59

My street sign says St Wilfrids Road. It annoys me every day.

sparkybabe · 27/05/2009 13:17

No not in Birmingham! It annoys me because one road leads into another, so they should either both have apostrophes, or neither!

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