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I want to retch when you write 'wretch'

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TrillianAstra · 08/05/2009 11:41

Not really, but it is annoying.

Unless you mean
1 : a miserable person : one who is profoundly unhappy or in great misfortune 2 : a base, despicable, or vile person

OP posts:
ProstetnicVogonJeltz · 08/05/2009 11:44

I want to retch when people either write or say reach when they mean retch.

YorkshireRose · 08/05/2009 12:13

I'm with you there!

Are you a Virgoan like me?

TrillianAstra · 08/05/2009 12:15

Sorry, I also want to retch when people think that the day and month on which I was born have a profound effect on my personality.

OP posts:
YorkshireRose · 08/05/2009 12:33

Yes, you probably are then!

TrillianAstra · 08/05/2009 12:37

That doesn't work. You say I'm a Virgo because I'm sceptical, yet you are a Virgo and you think this stuff works?

(anyway, I'm not)

OP posts:
YorkshireRose · 08/05/2009 12:39

OK! OK! It was a joke! Lighten up!

I will now leave you to your grumbling and hope you have a wonderful day.

TrillianAstra · 08/05/2009 12:41

Sorry, hard to get across tone of voice in text-only communications.

OP posts:
TrillianAstra · 08/05/2009 12:41

I am light, promise.

OP posts:
YorkshireRose · 08/05/2009 12:43

OK, I see.

Off now to find my own supply of chocolate.

Stay happy!

MrsMerryHenry · 08/05/2009 17:01

Trilly: I agree, I agree, I agree.

As for that Virgo nonsense,

YorkshireRose · 08/05/2009 18:54

Serious sense of humour bypass is evident on this thread. Will find more interesting individuals to pass the time with.

lockets · 08/05/2009 19:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

StealthPolarPig · 08/05/2009 19:03

Agree with the OP and Prostetnic (did you get it written? )
Although so many people say "reach" now that I had wondered if it was an acceptable solution I didn't know about?

Tidey · 08/05/2009 19:04

I knew it! I know so many people who pronounce retch as 'reach' and insist they're right. Ha!

purpleduck · 08/05/2009 19:06

oh tidley, thats what I was about to say!!

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